Halloween 2018!


Halloween is just around the corner. it is the day in which many believe the spirits of those that are no longer among us, cross the bridge between the spirit world and the world of the living. Over the next 10 days, the Tanki X world will emerge into the spirit of the Halloween, which means a lot of mystery and the spookiest of sounds, so we kindly ask you to lower your sound volume before going into battle. A

The Misty Garage

Upon entering the game, you will notice the newly decorated garage, surrounded by a green thick mist and a number of Jack’s Lanterns to bring a little bit of light to the room.

Evil Pumpkins [gold boxes]

On the eve of Halloween, at midnight, all the golden boxes turned into evil pumpkins. Will you dare to catch one and get your 1000 Crystals? Or maybe scare off your rivals by dropping one on top of them? Just make sure you cover your ears before pressing the button.

You can acquire the evil pumpkins in our in-game store under the tab called “Pumpkins”.

Halloween container

Finally, we have a container called “Halloween 2018” that drops as bonus loot in battles.

It contains:

  • The epic graffiti called “Halloween”, “Halloween 2017”, and the new graffiti called “Monster”;
  • Epic ammunition called “Orange” for Railgun and Twins;
  • New epic paints called “Autumn Leaves” and “Spiderweb”;
  • A new glowing epic paint called “Depth”;
  • New legendary skins with fiery effects and smoldering track traces called “Inferno” for Firebird and Dictator.

The container can also be bought in our in-game garage for a price of 199 X-crystals.

Additional information:

  • You will only have a chance at getting a container in battle if you’ve earned a minimum of 100 battle points in the battle that you played until the end (without leaving).
  • You can only get up to two items from the container at a time. For every duplicate you get, you will be compensated with 10 000 Crystals.
  • Once the celebration concludes, the “Halloween 2018” container will be removed. They will not drop in battles and will not be available for buying in our in-game store. However, the items that you got from the container will forever remain in your garage.
  • The legendary skins called “Inferno” for Firebird and Dictator can only be obtained from the “Halloween 2018” container. No other option for acquiring them will be available. These skins will never ever be sold again in our in-game store, nor will they be part of a different container.

Besides that, during the celebration, the “Halloween” and the “Halloween 2017” paints will be available for buying at the price of 999 X-crystals for the last time. After the Halloween 2018 celebration, these will get the Legendary status and will never ever be sold again in our in-game store, nor will they be part of a different container.

Lake Hell – a Halloween decorated map


How can you end up on this map? Well, there’s no knowing that. Basically, if you get lucky enough, it will teleport you to it. 😈

The only way to play the most dangerous and mystical map in Tanki X, is by chance. Another weird thing is that even thought the map was added to the ranked pool, playing on it will not reward reputation points, however, you will earn more battle points.

What else is known about this map:

  • The “Lake Hell” is a replica of the “Sandbox” map, only it is way bigger.
  • Only the DM mode works on the map. Not reputation points are earned on this map, the rest works perfectly (battle points, containers, and battle streak).
  • You can only play the map in Ranked mode (even though it does not reward reputation points). You can not find the map in custom games.
  • Up to 20 players can play on the map simultaneously.
  • There are a number of Easter eggs hidden on the map. There’s going to be a contest on this topic. Stay tuned.

Additional changes and bug fixes:

  • We’ve updated the Shell system. The shells will no longer disappear right away after a shot, they will remain on the battlefield until new ones appear over them. This option is turned on automatically on high and ultra graphics settings. You can always turn it off for optimization reasons;
  • We’ve optimized the respawn of tanks;
  • We added the missing sounds to the interface of the game;
  • We reduced the selection chance of the Arabian night, Silence, Moon Silence in Ranked play. We added the TDM version of the Kungur and West Prime maps to the Ranked play map pool;
  • The number of points earned by each player for destroying tanks on “Lake Hell” was increased to 40;
  • We fixed a bug in which the loading screen wasn’t displayed accurately on 1024×768 / 1152×864 resolution.

The Halloween celebration is scheduled to be removed at 4:00 UTC, November 5th. 

That is it, enjoy the game and the celebration.

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