Update: Gold boxes etc.

Hello, tankers!
A small update was installed in the game today, read the details below.

NB! We continue to work on optimizing the game, and today we have an experiment with some changes have been made.
Developer comment:

“We launched the new redesigned client-server synchronization system. This should improve client performance, but may increase the latency of receiving responses from the server instead. Your opinion on this matter is very important to us. We will closely monitor the situation in the game in the coming days, and if the changes show themselves badly — remove them, and return to the previous version. But we are optimistic.”

Game changes

  • Gold boxes packages were changed: packages of 800 and 1000 boxes were removed, and packages of 50 and 400 boxes were added. There are also some price changes all packages, except the first.
  • We added a “Smuggler blueprints” container as a reward for hard daily quests, and it’s available for players with 21 rank and above.
  • A dynamic splash screen has been added to the boot screen and the battle completion screen (pictures are changing).
  • Now you can occasionally find map “Moon silence” with lunar gravity and the map “Ares” with martian gravity in rating battles. The gravity of the map is now displayed in the lobby.
  • Minor changes have been made to the “Moon silence” map, which is why it needs to be download again, and the update weighs a bit more.
  • We returned the game mechanics when “Firebird” can remove the freeze effect from the ally, and “Freeze” can remove a burning effect from the ally.
  • We improved the display of dust on the maps “Iran” and “Moon silence”.
  • Now tracks will be updated less frequently at low graphics settings, and the visualization of the tank tracks in accordance with the landscape will be displayed only in the player’s tank.
  • The camera was modified.
  • Now some time matchmaking will rate maps with a reduced number of players for a faster build of the match: 3×3 instead of 4×4, 4×4 instead of 6×6, 6×6 instead of 8×8.
  • We fixed a bug where the Drone would stop following the player if he drove too far.
  • We fixed bugs with sorting items in the garage.

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