25% discount on blueprints containers!


Greetings, tankers!

For the next 3 days, Smuggler’s blueprints and Spy’s blueprints containers will be available at a 25% discount. Buying them in packages will make the price even more advantageous to you.

  • 1x Smuggler’s blueprints container – 105 X-crystals instead of 140 X-crystals;
  • 5x Smuggler’s blueprints containers – 487 X-crystals instead of 700 X-crystals;
  • 30 Smuggler’s blueprints containers – 2625 X-crystals instead of 4200 X-crystals;
  • 1x Spy’s blueprints container – 224 X-crystals instead of 299 X-crystals;
  • 5x Spy’s blueprints containers – 899 X-crystals instead of 1495 X-crystals.
    Because of an issue, the price of the containers in our in-game store is already shown reduced, with no discount tag.

You can find these containers in our in-game store under the “Blueprints” tab.

Attention! We’ve also increased the gold box drop rate by 3 times for the duration of this weekend.

The special offer and the increased rates are scheduled to be removed on July 22nd, 20:59 UTC.

Have fun!

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