30% Discount on X-crystals!

This weekend, not only in Russia but in a few other countries as well, people are celebrating the Tanker’s Day. We know, it’s not the 9th of September yet, but it is this weekend, so we’re going to run this special offer until the end of the weekend.

Get your X-crystals with a 30% discount. There is no limit to the number of X-crystals packages you can buy with the discount and it also works with prepaid vending machines.

The special offer will last between 8:00 UTC, September 7th, and 21:00 UTC, September 9th.

Don’t forget that the “Tanki in Town” special pack that includes X-crystals and a legendary paint called “Summer” that you will not have the opportunity to acquire ever again.

Have a nice weekend!


If you encounter payment issues, please contact our customer support service at help@tankix.com!

Attention! This offer will not work if you still have the first buy or any other account bound special offers. If you never bought any X-crystals before, you will have to use the first buy offer first, and only then you will be able to use this one.