Developer’s Diary #19

Hello, tankers! We regret to announce that this is the last episode of our Developer’s Diary… fоr this year of course. Today, we’ll be reviewing the winter holiday celebration event. We’ll also be concluding the year, and telling you about our development plans for the year 2017. Let’s go!

Winter Holiday Celebration

On December 19th, we launched our winter holiday celebration event. The first thing you’ll notice when first logging in, is the visually updated and decorated garage. There is a new section on the home menu dedicated to the latest game news, and something you should really pay attention to — a new type of in-game item — containers.

PrtScr capture.jpg

You play a good battle – you get a container, which can reward you with a unique prize. You can open the container in the dedicated section in your garage. If the first one you open doesn’t give you anything cool, don’t be discouraged! Continue playing and your desired item will eventually show up!

 So, what are the contents of these containers? Let’s have a look.

Frozen shells for Twins and Ricochet, to help you start a snowball fight in the middle of a battle.

“Supply drop”, “General Frost”, and “Queen of Ice” graffiti. Spray these graffiti anywhere on the map by pressing T, and spread the winter holiday vibe.

TX graffiti winter.png

Special paints “Andromeda” and “Ice”. You’ve never seen paints like these before! The “Andromeda” paint shimmers and glows in the dark, while the “Ice” paint is a unique, realistic texture.

You can also get one of the following supply packs: Gold catcher, Destroyer, or Survivor.

Besides the regular items, there is also the chance that you may get very rare items from the container — the Frost skins for the Freeze turret and Wasp hull. These unique skins will be the most valuable gifts this winter holiday. The drop chances are not high, but the items are worth trying for.

All of these holiday special items are exclusive gifts for the new year, and will remain in your garage forever.

By the way, opening at least one container will automatically enter you in the chance to win a yearly supply of X crystals! Opening additional containers will not only increase your chances of winning, but also increase the prize fund. You can watch the progress of the prize fund, as well as a full description of the contest, in a dedicated page on our website. Check the link in the description.

And to conclude our list, there’s an additional 50% bonus on the majority of X crystals packages in our shop, for the entire duration of the celebration event. Don’t miss this chance to stock up on X crystals this year, and start the new year like a boss!

Tanki X Developer's Diary #19 - YouTube - Mozilla Firefox_4.jpg

Concluding the Year

2016 has been an eventful year full of achievements for Tanki X. During this year, the project has not only gone into closed beta testing, but also successfully opened its doors to newcomers. We’ve implemented more than 500 updates, added three new maps, and also started creating our own universe around the Tanki X world.

Over the past year, the number of our followers has increased by 4 times. More than 5 million messages were sent in chat, and more than 70 thousand players have become in-game friends, which makes us extremely happy. We’re also aware that you’d like us to improve the mechanism for adding people to your friends list, and we promise we’ll be working on improving it.

Tanki X Developer's Diary #19 - YouTube - Mozilla Firefox_5.jpg

We’ve also added a bunch of new in-game items during the past year. Right now, you can find 16 shells, 22 graffiti, and 75 skins in your garage, including the holiday special items.

But the streak of Tanki X features won’t be ending here. In upcoming updates, you will see tank stickers, and right after the winter holiday celebrations, our developers are planning to start working on modules for hulls, a feature we’ve already mentioned in past episodes of our Developer’s Diary.

Modules will become a very important aspect of tank building, and will significantly change the way supplies are used. The gameplay will most likely change, and the modules will make the building of your unique tank even more fascinating.

Tanki X Developer's Diary #19 - YouTube - Mozilla Firefox_8.jpg

Next year, we’re also planning on improving the interface of the game, which we believe should be more intuitive even for newcomers. We’re also planning on having a few tutorial videos, and in time, we will implement a separate tutorial in the game.

Of course, there is also a game launcher in our plans. It will download updates faster and allow you to read project news while you wait.

Many players are waiting for the option to create private battles in Tanki X, in order to record videos, practice parkour, and play privately with friends. We promise you that this option WILL be available!

 That’s it for today, guys! The next episode of our Developer’s Diary will be released after the winter holidays.

Thank you for watching and Happy New Year!

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