The Ladder Challenge

Hello, tankers!

We are happy to announce our 7-day marathon called “Ladder Challenge”!

There are seven rewarded categories:

  • Warrior – the player to have destroyed the higher number of tanks.
  • Expert – the player to have earned the highest amount of experience
  • Seeker – the player to have caught the higher number of gold boxes
  • Sprinter – the player to have delivered the higher number of flags
  • Reanimator – the player to have earned the highest amount of experience by healing with Isida
  • Phoenix – the player with the highest number of deaths
  • Trickster – the player to have used the highest number of supplies.

Playing Tanki X from 2nd to 8th of January, 2017 (including), will automatically sign you up to this challenge. Every 2 days, we’re going to announce intermediate results — top 10 in every nomination —  on this topic and our social media. The final results of the challenge will be announced on 10th of January 2017, on our website, social media and forum.

The winner of each nomination will be rewarded the following:

  • A steel or a golden skin of his choice;
  • 10.000 blue crystals;
  • A forum title respective to the nomination(category) he won in.

Any player can win in only one category. In case a player wins in 2 or more categories, the rest of the titles he won, except for the first one, will go to the second place winner and so on.

Good Luck!

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