March 8th

Hello, tankers!

We would like to congratulate the beautiful part of our community (our ladies) with one of the most important Spring celebrations. Be happy and always smile.

Here are the things we’ve prepared for this celebration, which will last until March 11th:

  • 25% off the price of X crystals using any payment method.
  • Battle funds and experience earned in battles are increased by 100%
  • A new container called “March 8” is available for purchase in the garage for 125 X crystals, or can be earned in battles. It contains:
    • New graffiti “Crystal” and “Cat in a tank”
    • Twins ammunition — “Violet” and “Turquoise”
    • “Swash” paint
    • Golden skins for “Isida” and “Wasp”
    • Very rare skins called “Bumblebee” for “Isida” and “Wasp”

In order to be eligible for a chance to receive the container at the end of the battle, you will need to have a minimum of 400 battle points.

On March 11th, after the event celebration removal, the “March 8” container will become unavailable in your garage and will stop dropping in battles as a reward. However, those to have acquired and opened them during the celebration event, will keep the loot forever.

Celebrate at will!

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