The “Black Widow” Pack!

“Black widow knows everything, thanks to its well-spread nets. There are some rumors about you as well. Good rumors. You better use this chance to join the mighty organizations and get the unique privileges it offers.”


The “Black Widow” pack has been added to the game. The pack contains:

  • A new graffiti called “Arachnid”, which also activates the spider mine skin that we saw during our last year’s Halloween celebration.
  • A new and rare paint called “Black Roger”
  • 300 X-crystals
  • 2000 Crystals

Additional details: 

  • The price of the pack is 11.99 €
  • The pack will activate on players accounts, only a week after the “Hydra Squad” was activated on your account.
  • The first purchase discount does not apply to this pack, nor any other packs that is part of this line, such as the “Alpha Squad” and “Hydra Squad”.
  • The pack will be available for only 48 hours from the moment it became active.

If you’ve encounter payment issues, please complete and send this ticket form to our customer support. You can also send the same required information that you will find in the form, by contacting us at help@tankix.com

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