Bounty Hunters – Contest!



“It’s been over 2 months since the last encounter of the two factions, that took place on the “Repin” tank carrier. Frontier took Antaeus by surprise by attacking their tank carrier, and even though Antaeus came out victorious, many of their tanks were destroyed during the encounter. Some of Antaeus bases were left without enforcement and that made them vulnerable to Frontier’s attacks.

Yes, Frontier lost that battle, but they celebrated over the damage they were able to deal to enemy forces, and that was indeed a good reason to celebrate.

To recover from such losses, Antaeus needs time. To make sure Frontier doesn’t take any reckless actions against them, given their current weakness, Antaeus came up with a simple and despicable yet effective plan, that would seed distraction and chaos within the enemy ranks. “Destroy enemy tanks on sight!”

Thanks to their well-infiltrated spies, Frontier was fast to find out about Antaeus’es dishonorable move. They are now left with no other choice but to reply in kind.

The hunt begins today, at 21:00 UTC.


Your goal is to destroy as many enemy tanks as possible, under the banner of Frontier or Antaeus, during a 6 days period of time. See enemy, kill enemy!

Eternal glory awaits those, who will manage to take the top spot on the ladder for each of the factions.

Contest 2


  • In order to have your frags counted in a battle, you must acquire and equip one of the two graffiti representing the two corporations, Frontier and Antaeus. Additionally, you will need to spray the graffiti at least one time in every battle.
    • You can acquire any of the two graffiti in your garage for Crystals.
    • To spray a graffiti in a battle, simply press T on your keyboard.
  • The system will only count the frags that are made in Ranking Play.
  • The league you’re playing in is irrelevant for this event. A kill is a kill and any of you can end up winning if you play enough to keep your count high.
  • The hunt will only last 6 days. Between 21:00 UTC, March 12 and 20:59 UTC, March 18.
  • The results will be checked and verified within 3 days after the end of the event and will be announced during our next week’s Livestream.


  • The best player representing each of the two factions will be rewarded:
    • A Genesis Rhod110 gaming keyboard;
    • A special forum title called “Frontier Warrior” or “Antaeus Warrior” respectively.
    • The “Spectre” paint, 500 X-crystals, and 30 days of premium.
  • The next two players (2-3) representing each of the two factions will be rewarded:
    • The “Spectre” paint, 300 X-crystals, and 30 days of premium.
  • The next seven players (4-10) representing each of the two factions, will be rewarded:
    • 1x XT container, 200 X-crystals, and 14 days of premium.

In case a winner already owns the “Spectre” paint, he can choose to give it to another player or be compensated in Crystals.


Good luck, Antaeus and Frontier warriors!

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