Closed Beta Quest Rewards

The Closed Beta Quest is a challenge for all closed beta testers. Through collective effort, CB Testers will have the opportunity to win a unique beta tester’s badge, as well as other cool rewards that will be handed out to the testers once the game launches.

It’s time for you to dive into one of the coolest events this summer.

Six Beta Quest milestones were already reached, which means 6 rewards to be awarded to our Beta Quest participants during the OBT, as they become ready to be released.

The HD desktop wallpapers are already done, and as soon as we transition into the Open Beta Test, they will be sent out to our CBT participants.


Tons of supplies are being prepared by our developers in Perm, which will be split among all active CBT participants. The plan is to distribute them at the beginning of the Open Beta.

Also, our developers have already started working on the unique paint, which is the third reward on the Closed Beta Quest list. It will be a reminder of the hardships of testing, especially the infamous “White Walkers” bug. Your enemies will freeze out of horror at the sight of it.

We are still deciding on the unique shell, but the most popular hull of the CBt turned out to be the “Hornet”. It has not only won in statistics, as the most picked and used hull in the game during the Closed Beta, but also won the open voting that we did, in order to be sure that this is what our players want.


But while the Closed Beta is still on, so is the count for tanks destroyed. The next and final reward is in your hands to reach!