Changes to the Rating System!

Dear tankers! After revisiting our current rating system and leagues, we came upon the decision to make a number of changes, some of which might appear drastic. But, progress requires changes.

Below are described the changes to the rating system that will come into power starting with the new season, which starts on the 23rd of August.

“The goal of these changes is to make the progression through leagues more balanced and take it under control due to the limitations in rating loss. Overall, the league progression system was redesigned. We want to significantly reduce the probability of battles in which players with entry gear would face against players with a more advanced or even end-game gear, and in case such battles would sometimes occur, to make sure that the rating points are fairly distributed” – Aleksey Kiselev, Tanki X Game Designer

More detailed about the changes:

1. Overall, players are split into two camps: Bronze + Silver leagues and Gold + Master leagues (we don’t take the Training league into account. Within these two separate camps players usually progress faster in terms of rating points, however, the progress between the two camps (jumping from Silver to Gold league) is a more annoying and extended process.


2. The progression from a league to another is regulated by the number of rating points a player has earned in battle, whether these are victories or looses, or even MVP titles.

  • In the Bronze and Gold league, winning a match will not change too much, but there will be good bonuses for MVP players. As a result, the skill and the MVP titles of a player will decide how fast a player is going to progress through the league or migrate from one league to another (Bronze to Silver).
  • In the Silver and the Master league, in order to compensate for a loss, the player will need approximately 2-3 victories, if he is not the MVP in any of them. As a result of that, it will become harder for players in the Silver league to move to the Gold league, and the players from the Master league will need to try hard a lot in order to secure a higher place on the leader-board and get better rewards.

3. Additionally, we added a restriction on the rating lost per day for players in the Bronze and Gold leagues. If a player has lost a number of games consecutively, he will start losing less rating points with each consecutive battle lost. This is necessary so that players would not drop under a certain minimum rating limit.

4. Now, in case players with big differences in rating would face against each other in a battle, or would end up in the same team, players with a lower rating will earn more reputation points, while players with a higher rating will earn less reputation. The formula that calculates the rating will take into account:

  • the difference in ranking between the teams
  • the difference in ranking between a specific player and the average reputation of players in the battle

5. We changed the search ranges in matchmaking in order to have a more equal selection of players.

6. The number of Crystals dropping from the league containers was balanced in order to even out the blueprints and crystals players can obtain from them.

7. At the end of the current season (the 8th season), on August 23rd, all players will have their reputation points reduced as per usual, under the same rules, except that because the reputation ranges were changed for all the leagues, some players will end up in different leagues than they anticipated. Here’s how the reputation downgrade will happen for players in different reputation ranges:

  • All the players will lose ~40% of their reputation (as before);
  • The minimum reputation downgrade limit is now 500 points, no players will lose reputation points below this mark.
  • Those that have 3500 reputation points or more, by the end of the season, will drop to 3500 reputation points (same as last season, however, next season, this limit will be increased)

Having this information, you can now calculate approximately, in which league you will end up at the beginning of the 9th season.


It is important to remember that in the case of an unbalanced battle, players will earn/lose fewer reputation points.

An unbalanced battle is a battle which complies with one of the following conditions:

  • The battle ends with 3 or fewer players on the battlefield;
  • the battle ends with a difference between the two teams in 2 or more players;

During the 9th season, we will focus on analyzing these changes and their impact on the game, and will most likely continue to adjust the balance in different aspects of the game.

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