Confirm your email address – receive 500 crystals!

Dear tankers!

How many of you think that email confirmation is important for you account?

Well, email confirmation is required in order to secure your account progression. It will also help you recover your password or have your account login issues sorted out faster.

But the most important factor is that you will be updated at all time, and benefit from sale offers as well as special rewards that might be handed out in the future.

But you don’t have to wait for too long!

Every player to have confirmed their email address, will automatically receive 500 crystals.

Confirming the email address is a simple process, yet many players forget to do that, which is why they are left without those important perks we told you about earlier.


A detailed guide to email confirmation is available on our help site: http://help.tankix.com/…

Go now, and secure your account!