Cosmonautics Day 2018!

Greetings, tankers!

Today, April 12th, we celebrate the first time a man was in open space. Cosmos is the future of mankind, it hides many mysteries and this is why our research resource go priorly towards the study of space.

The celebration will last between April 12th, 5:00 UTC, and April 16th, 5:00 UTC.

During the celebration, you will earn double the amount of experience you would usually earn in battles. That means faster equipment upgrade, rank, and more container points = more league blueprints.

Containers in battle!

Additionally, you will be able to earn the “Cosmonautics Day 2018” container in battle.

It includes:

  • rare skins called “Dreadnaught” for Thunder and Dictator;
  • new and rare paint and coating called “Universe” ;
  • new and rare graffiti called “Cosmos X“;
  • steel skins for Titan and Isida;
  • “Indigo” ammunition for Freeze, and “Turquoise” ammunition for Twins.

The container can also be obtained in our in-game store for 125 X-crystals. 

Here are a few additional details about the container:

  • You will have a chance at getting the container in battle only if you earned minimum 100 battle points and played the battle until the end.
  • Upon opening one container, one or two items will drop. If you already have the item in your garage, you will be compensated with Crystals.
  • The container will be removed from our in-game store along with the removal of the celebration, on April 16th. However, the containers that you already have in your garage, as well as the items that drop/dropped from the container will forever remain in your garage.

Cosmonautics Day 2018

Different levels of gravity!

Oh, and one more thing. At the request of many tankers, we decided to play with the gravity on a couple of maps.

  • Moon Silence – Moon gravity level
  • Ares – Mars gravity level
  • Repin – super earth gravity level.

Additionally, these maps will be selected twice as often in our matchmaking during the celebration.

Stay tuned for contests, giveaways, challenges, and puzzles. We will announce them later today, and/or tomorrow. 

Have fun, guys!

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