The duration of the current season was extended!

Hello, tankers!

The duration of the current season was extended until February 16th!

Great news for those who didn’t have enough time to climb higher on the ranked ladder, this season.

This is related to the fact that important changes need to be implemented for the new season, changes that will affect both the ranked and quick play.

Developer’s comment:
“We understand that ranked battles require players to focus more and they’re also emotionally consuming. In the new season, we’ll be removing a few elements and we’ll be speeding up reputation earning, this is why we, the developers, are calling it “Turboseason”, but officially we will most likely name it the “Hydra Season” because the graffiti depicts a hydra. With the start of the new season, players will lose fewer points upon suffering defeat, will progress faster on the ladder, will get better rewards, and less frustration.”

More details about the new season we’ll be telling you in the upcoming episode of Developer’s Diary which is scheduled to be released on February 14th.

Good luck!

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