Developer’s Diary #11

Tanki X is getting closer to the final stage of the closed beta testing, and as we explained in a recent episode, all garages have now been wiped.

Closed Beta Quest rewards.

Let’s talk about the rewards for the Closed Beta Quest. There’s a set of six rewards. Each of these will be awarded to our Beta Quest participants during the OBT, as they become ready to be released. 

The HD desktop wallpapers are already done, and as soon as we transition into the Open Beta Test, they will be sent out to our CBT participants.

The next reward is a million supply units, which will be split among all active CBT participants. The plan is to distribute them at the beginning of the Open Beta.

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Our developers have already started working on the unique paint, which is the third reward on the Closed Beta Quest list. It will be a reminder of the hardships of testing, especially the infamous “White Walkers” bug.

The most popular hull in the Closed Beta is the “Hornet”. Since we already have a unique “Hornet” skin in development, we’re proposing a voting for players to choose whether they want to get another “Hornet” skin in their garage, or one for a different hull. The voting is set to start soon on every Tanki X Social Media channel.

While we work on the rewards, the Closed Beta Quest continues, and it’s up to you to go for the final milestone, and its reward!

Payment system

Breaking news! A new type of mineral is coming to Tanki X… something that is more valuable than standard crystals. We’ve named these new red stones, “X Crystals”. Very soon, these red crystals will be available for purchase as a premium currency.

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To prepare for this important stage, we’ve started testing the payment system on our live servers. With the implementation of this system, players will be able to purchase normal crystals by clicking on the “Plus” button in the upper panel.

Next, our servers will automatically detect the country where the player is located, and offer a few packs of crystals in the player’s local currency. After choosing the desired pack, the player can click “continue”.

If there are issues with the payment system, the “question mark” at the top of the screen allows players to send a ticket to customer service, and get help.

Attention: All purchased crystals, as well as items and upgrades purchased with those crystals, will NOT be removed after the Open Beta Testing.

GamesCom recap

If you’ve followed the news on our social media channels, you already know that 5 members of our Tanki X team have just returned from GamesCom in Germany. The main goal of this trip was to present the game to journalists, and to negotiate with potential partners. This is why the stand was in the business area, where the access was restricted for normal visitors.
Our stand was open for 3 full days, from 9 am to 7 pm, and our team was holding non-stop presentations and discussions about the future development plans, as well as allowing guests to test the game.

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We showed the game to a lot of journalists from Europe, and also discussed partnership possibilities with a number of different companies. We achieved our goal of getting a lot of useful feedback for our development team, and also contacts. More importantly, we showed our wonderful game to the world.


For the Tanki X team, it was very important to go on this trip to the foremost gaming event in the world just before going into Open Beta launch, to make sure everybody knows about the game.

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