Developer’s Diary #15

Hello tankers!

Welcome to a new episode of Tanki X Developer’s Diary. Today we’ll be telling you about the repair kit animation effect, and showing you a few changes that we’ve made in the game interface. We’ll also be announcing our Halloween celebrations event.

Repair kit animation effect

Tanki X still doesn’t have an animation for the Repair Kit. This is why sometimes a tank might appear indestructible. There’s no way of knowing that a tank is being repaired.

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The new animation will show a green wave passing over the tank when the Repair Kit is activated. The animation will continue for as long as the Repair Kit is active, and will stop if the tank is destroyed. The effect is easily noticeable and cannot be confused with other supplies.

We put a lot of thought into how the tank’s repair animation should look. We gathered feedback from players on our social media, forums and support site. The basiс idea behind the repair kit animation effect is simple: the regeneration of a tank’s armor cannot resemble that of a living organism… after all, it’s a war machine. 

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We’re planning on implementing the repair kit activation effect in the near future.

Battle results screen

Based on your feedback, we’ve decided to make slight changes to the Tanki X interface, starting with the battle results screen.

The results screen, where the results of the battle are displayed, now provides more detailed information on the amount of experience and crystals a player has received for participating in the battle. The nicknames of those tankers who have made it to the top-3 on the list, or the entire roster of the winning team, will now be highlighted, giving them an additional ego boost.

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The information on the results screen will be displayed in several steps. If you’ve had an outstanding performance in the battle, the first screen will let you know about that. The next step will be the usual battle results screen, followed by a screen showing your personal achievements in that battle.

CBQ Skin

After the release of West Prime, the next reward will be the new Hornet skin. We’ve just started working on it, and our 3D artists are already designing the model.

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We’ve decided to design the new skin based on the very cool Hornet M2 model from Tanki Online. Most of our Closed Beta testers are ex Tanki Online players, and we believe that this skin will be a very special gift to them. 

Once this skin is released, those who missed the Closed Beta Quest will be able to buy this skin with X crystals in our shop, while CBQ participants will receive if for free.

In the meantime, there are other skins in production. The next ones in line are the XT skins for Viking and Thunder.


Even though our developers are focused on optimizing the game servers and introducing new game content, we feel that we can’t let Halloween pass without a proper celebration.

The Halloween celebrations in Tanki X will last 6 days. During this event, players will be able to use all supplies an infinite number of times, without using up any of their existing supply units. Make sure your tank is wearing the scariest Halloween costume, and have fun terrorizing your fellow tankers!

Additionally, players will be able to acquire a themed graffiti and a unique paint.

Please note that these items will only be available for purchase during the Halloween event, and will be removed from the shop once the event has ended. Players who purchase these goods during the event will get to keep them forever.

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The event starts tomorrow, 28th of October, and will last six days, until the 3rd of November.

Don’t miss our Halloween event, and remember to like our video.

See you next time!