Developer’s Diary #18

Hello, tankers!

In today’s episode of our Developer’s Diary, we’ll be telling you about the updates implemented in the past few weeks, and sharing with you some cool news about the upcoming Tanki X New Year’s event. Stay tuned!

Battle balance

Last week, our developers started working on the implementation of one of their global game balancing plans, which includes the adjustment of game modes and points distribution.

If you’d like to read about the finer details of these recent updates, check out the official thread on our forum.


Now, let’s answer the most important question: why do we need these changes?

 To understand these changes better, let’s take a look at how things were before the update. High-level players were getting the same amount of points per kill, regardless of whether they were killing a newbie player or a pro player, even though the newbie player might have poorer equipment, and might not be as skilled.

As a result, it was more profitable for high-level players to play with and against newbies, who in turn, were earning fewer crystals and experience.

These changes in the battle mechanic were designed to protect new players from veterans, and also make the leveling up of mastery and upgrades more uniform.


Another question we’ve been asked is “why are updates being implemented gradually, instead of the final version being released at one go?”. The answer is simple, implementing updates one by one, allows us to gather the data we need, and adjust the plan as required, leaving only the most important content in the game.

We’re going to use this method of implementing small, frequent updates until the end of the Open Beta Testing. This approach will likely change closer to the release of the game.Updates overview

Updates overview

Let’s discuss the other updates we’ve implemented during the past two weeks.

The Hornet Beta skin has finally been released and is now available to every Closed Beta Quest participant. If you don’t have a Hornet hull in your garage yet, don’t worry, the skin will automatically be added once you acquire the hull.


Its carbon analog, Hornet T-zero, can be bought for X Crystals.

Besides these two, we’ve added a number of other skins. There are several tier 2 skins including Vulcan, Freeze and Dictator, and also a number of Steel versions including Railgun, Hammer, Vulcan, Shaft, Ricochet, Smoky, Wasp, and Titan.

We’re also going to be adding another legendary combination of XT skins very soon — Viking and Thunder. Equipping these two will definitely bring your tank a lot of attention.


On December 1st, we added rank-up rewards. With your first login after the update, you should have received crystals for any past ranks you’ve already reached, and will be receiving a small bonus in crystals with every subsequent rank-up. Additionally, for every 5th rank you reach, you will be awarded a bonus in X Crystals

Check out the Knowledge Base for a table explaining these bonuses. Please be aware that the rewards may change in the future. We’ll soon be adding a notification that will tell you how much the reward will be for your next rank.


We’ll continue adding new and convenient payment methods for you. We’ve already added PayPal and are currently working on adding a variety of prepaid options.

Tanki X New Year’s Event

At the end of this month, Tanki X is going to be celebrating its first New Year’s holidays with awesome special offers, contests and a unique in-game event — the hunt for the special holiday boxes.

For two whole weeks, at the end of every battle, tankers will have the chance to receive boxes that will contain rare… very rare… and even legendary items:
special Holiday skins for Freeze and Wasp, shells for Twins and ricochet, special Holiday paints and graffiti, and tons of crystals and supplies. These special boxes will also be available to buy for X Crystals.

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Additionally, during the holidays after the New Year’s eve celebrations, you will be able to take part in the “Ladder Challenge” and race under different categories. And this is just the beginning of the New Year’s surprises we’ve prepared for you.

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