Developer’s Diary #20

Hello tankers! Welcome to the first episode of Developer’s Diary for 2017! We hope you’ve had some amazing holidays, and that you’re ready for exciting new things.

The Tanki X team has already started working on the development plan for this year. Today, we’ll be telling you about the new skins, and the return of containers. We’ll also be telling you about upcoming changes to supplies, and announcing hull modules. Let’s go!

New skins and containers

This week, we’ve witnessed the return of containers holding skins and paints, including some brand new ones.

These new containers work just like the ones you got during the winter holiday celebrations. They may contain supplies, shells, skins, paints, or crystals. Additionally, every container you open gives you the chance to get brand new and rare items that cannot be obtained any other way… at least for now.

Three new types of containers can be found, purchased and opened in the already familiar section of your garage.


Assassin – may contain golden skins for Railgun or Hornet, the “Gloom” shell for Railgun, the Coal, Taiga, and Inferno paints, and a new one called Stone. XT Railgun and Hornet can also drop from this container.

Valhalla – may contain golden skins for Viking and Thunder, plus a few other items such as the North paint, the “Lightning” shell for Thunder, and the Drakkar, Valkyrie, and Yggdrasil graffiti. It also contains the XT skins for Viking and Thunder.

Camouflage – may contain the paints Mary, Rust, Marine, Prodigy, Rock, and Tundra, as well as a new one called Rust. It also may also contain the new and very rare paint called Tar.


By the way, the Camouflage container has now become one of the rewards for weekly missions.

Good luck hunting containers!
Changes to supplies and modules

With the re-introduction of containers, we’ve also implemented an update that serves as the first step towards a change of the supplies system.

We’ve asked the opinion of the majority of our players about the current supplies system, and we’ve also tested a lot of hypotheses. In the end, we decided to radically change the system, making the Tanki X battles more interesting and balanced.

These are the changes we’ve already implemented for supplies:

  • We’ve removed smart cooldowns, which means that you can now activate all supplies at once.
  • However, we’ve increased the cooldown on each of the supplies. Now you’ll have to think seriously before activating one.
  • Battles now start with all supplies on cooldown. You won’t have to wait for the full cooldown though. The countdown timer will only be at 25%.
  • The supplies cooldown timer no longer resets with your tank’s destruction.
  • Pausing the game will NOT pause the cooldown on supplies.


Additionally, we’ve made some changes to two supplies.

  • “Repair Kit” duration has been increased by 1 second, but the repair power has been decreased.
  • And the bonus damage from the “Double Damage” supply has been reduced from 100% to 50%.

The changes to these supplies were needed in order to increase their value on the battlefield, and to gradually prepare our players for the next phase, which is scheduled to be implemented in the second half of February.

For the second phase, we will be completely removing supplies from garages. You will not be able to buy or earn them anymore. The supplies you accumulated in your garage will be removed, and you will be compensated. But we’ll tell you more about that in upcoming episodes.


By now you’re probably asking… “What will replace supplies?”. First of all, there will still be supplies in the game, but only those dropped on maps. More importantly, we will be implementing modules, which are tank boosters that are mounted into special slots on hulls.

There will be four module types: Scouting, Supportive, Defensive, and Universal… all having different characteristics and special properties.

Every hull, depending on its upgrade level, will have up to 5 slots, one for each corresponding module type. For example, Wasp will have 2 scouting slots, 2 universal slots, and 1 support slot, which will strengthen its scouting role even more.

Players will need to craft the modules themselves, using parts that will be obtainable from a new type of container, which can be purchased in the garage or obtained from battles.


After accumulating the required number of parts, players will be able to assemble their module in the special section in the menu.

When crafting a module, in addition to its standard abilities, you will receive an additional random property – a damage increase to your turret, or damage reduction from enemy turrets. This is how we’ll be introducing the long-awaited resistances feature in the game.

Using modules with different properties, you will be able to create your own unique tank build, and come up with interesting strategies to use on the battlefield.

That’s it for today. Stay tuned for more Tanki X news. Fire at will!

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