Developer’s Diary #23

Hello, tankers!

Warmer weather is fast approaching, and with it, new updates are being prepared to be implemented. A number of important events are planned for March, including the implementation of modules. The update is currently in its final testing stages, and is planned to be released next week.

Warrior’s Glory Days Impressions

The Warrior’s Glory Days celebrations have come to an end. Not everything went as smoothly as we anticipated. In fact, we had a few problems with the payment system during the first day of the celebration. However, our team dealt with them pretty quickly, which is more of a reason to say that the celebration was a success!

During the celebration, almost fifty thousand containers were opened, and 42 tankers claimed over 30 containers EACH, from battles. The player with the record number of containers claimed, is iGodmode. He got 51 containers from his battles.

The number of hours played went up by 25%, and we’ve set a new record for the number of players online. Battles under 50 mastery were constantly full, and we finally have more players with higher mastery. Well done!


The First Legend

As you might know, there are one hundred upgrade and mastery levels in Tanki X, but there are one hundred and ONE ranks. Now, six months since the release of the OBT, we have our first “Legend” tanker, Legionary, who has achieved the highest in-game rank.

Legionary started playing Tanki X during the Closed Beta Test. In order to achieve the one hundred and first rank, he had to destroy two hundred and two THOUSAND tanks (201.997). During this period he also captured five hundred and forty five gold boxes. He played the majority of his battles on his Thunder Dictator combo, which he upgraded to the maximum.

In a conversation with the community management team, he said that becoming the first player to achieve the Legend rank, was his goal from the very beginning. He now wants to upgrade other turrets and hulls to the maximum.

The icon for the Legend rank isn’t ready yet, but we’ll be adding it with an upcoming update.

If you want to play with the new Legendary tanker, you will find him in the high mastery DM matches, on the Sandbox map.


New Map “Area-159”

In a past episode, some of you noticed images that hinted at the arrival of a new map. Well, you guessed correctly. “Area-159” is in the final stages of development and is currently being tested.

The model for this new map is similar to the model for the Crossroads map from “Tanki Online”. Yes, we had said that we weren’t going to copy maps from TO, but “Area-159” is heavily reworked. There’s the gloomy atmosphere of an underground lab, and a full structural redesign including the shape of the map, number of ramps and so on.

The new map will be released in about one or two weeks. Stay tuned!


The “Frontier” Container.

In the near future, we’ll be permanently adding a brand new container, with special legendary skins for Ricochet and Titan.

We’ve made an in-game reference to tanks that are contemporary to our time, but are outdated in the Tanki X timeline. These skins were designed for lovers of modern military technology, but in Tanki X, they look like they’ve been built with salvaged materials.

The legendary skins codenamed “Frontier Zero”, are obtainable from the “Frontier” container, which can be purchased in your garage. Besides the skins, a few additional items will drop from the container. These include ammunition for Ricochet, the “Peace” and “GodmodeOn” graffiti, and gold skins for Ricochet and Titan.


8th of March Celebration

International Women’s Day is just around the corner, and we feel we should honor this day with a celebration in Tanki X. Between the 8th and 11th of March, the experience and crystals you earn in battle will be boosted. Additionally, special, new containers with unique paints and graffiti will be awarded at the end of battles.


On a final note, we’d like to remind you that there is an ongoing contest on our forum — “Mister and Miss OBT”, in which you can win lots of containers, a forum title, and Tanki X branded souvenirs including a t-shirt and a mug with the Tanki X logo. This is your chance. Participate and win!

That’s it, guys!

Like our video and watch out for more news on our Tanki X website. See ya.

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