Developer’s Diary #24

Hello, tankers!

We’d like to start this episode with a few words about the International Women’s Day celebrations in Tanki X.
During this event, we had a boost in battle funds and experience earned, and of course, we also hit some new records.

Throughout the celebrations, more than one thousand tankers managed to get at least one “Bumblebee 83” skin, with more than two hundred of them getting a full set.
Over 32 thousand tankers ranked up during the celebrations and moreover, on Friday, the 10th of March, we hit a new record for players online!


Map Area-159

The new map called “Area one-five-nine” is already in the game! The map is available for every game mode and every mastery level.
The layout for this map is simple and straightforward, so it will be a great training ground for our beginners in the future.


Equipment upgrade changes

In the near future, we’ll be changing the upgrade system for hulls and turrets. Let’s see what will change, and why.

Some players have been complaining that the upgrades they make to their turrets or hulls only give an insignificant increase in stats.
But this will change.The number of upgrades for a piece of equipment will be reduced from 100… to 30. So, with each upgrade, the boost in stats will be a lot more evident.

The number of upgrades for a piece of equipment will be reduced from 100… to 30. So, with each upgrade, the boost in stats will be a lot more evident.


This reduction in upgrade levels will be done proportionately. If the player is halfway to maximum mastery, he/she will remain at that mark. The same goes for the upgrades already done.

When recalculating the stats, any fractions will be rounded up in favor of the player.

Additionally, the total amount of experience points needed to reach maximum mastery level will be significantly reduced. Right now, the amount is equal to one million points. But with the update it will drop down to 600 thousand points.

The amount of experience and crystals earned in battles will remain the same. So, upgrading equipment will be roughly twice as fast.

And yes, the accumulated experience on each type of equipment will be adjusted accordingly.

At the same time, the paints and graffiti that you get as rewards for upgrades, as well as the points at which the modules on hulls become available, will be roughly the same as before.
However, since upgrading equipment will be faster, players will be reaching those milestones a lot sooner.

You can find more info about it in news and announcements


Steam and “Steampunk”

Following the release of “Tanki Online” on the Steam platform, many players have started asking “what about Tanki X?”. Don’t worry! We are currently preparing the game for its release on Steam! The preparations will take around one month. We’ll be announcing the exact date closer to the event.

We’ve been preparing for this release for a long time, and we’ve also developed a super cool skin for Twins and Mammoth with a special steampunk look. We’ve called it… Steampunk!

This is a super rare set that can be obtained from a new special container that is already available for purchase. We’re sure that almost every player will want to have this skin in their garage.


Contest results

The “Mister and Miss OBT” contest is now over. The intense competition for this contest has made it probably the most popular we’ve had in the game so far. We’d like to thank all of the participants, and all those who supported and voted for them.

The final result was a sum of votes from both Russian and English communities.
Here are our winners!

Additionally, we’ve chosen and awarded runners-up for mister and miss OBT for each community. The winners have received containers of their choice, branded souvenirs, and corresponding forum titles. Finalists have also received “March 8” containers.


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Until next time!

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