Developer’s Diary #25

Hello, tankers! Welcome to our 25th episode of developer’s diary. Today, we’ll be telling you about the recent updates. We’ll also be telling you about the upcoming matchmaking system and our preparations for the April Fool’s Day celebration.


Last week, we implemented the new upgrade system that we told you about in the last episode of our developer’s diary. We’ve also significantly increased rewards for rank ups. You can check out the details in our Knowledge Base. The link is in the description.

“The next big step towards balancing players in battle will be to turn off the over-upgrading of equipment, so the upgrade level of a turret or hull will not be able to go higher than its mastery level. This means that your mastery and upgrade levels should always be roughly equal, in order to keep yourself as effective as possible in battles.” – Vladimir Beletskiy


The New Flag

We’ve finally updated the flag in CTF mode!

“The old flag was a legacy of “Tanki Online”, and it was flat. But a modern 3D shooter needs something a bit more special. So, we’ve finally found some time, and turned it into a high-tech device that projects a red or blue canvas with a cool swaying motion that leaves a nice trail behind.” – Evgeny Loginov

The new flag resembles the one you might have seen in our cinematic trailer, but our artists have made it even more detailed.



We’ve already mentioned the development of a matchmaking system in Tanki X, which is designed to bring players together in battles.

“There are currently three ways a player can join a battle: through the battle list, through the friends list, and by pressing the “Play” button. But none of these methods can guarantee a full and exciting battle. The distribution of players is unbalanced, and any of your opponents or allies can quit the battle at any time.” – Ilya Ostashko

The new system is designed to match players with equally powerful tanks, and have them playing those battles till the end.

This is how it will work:

  • You start searching for a game in your preferred mode;
  • The system will find the most suitable battle… and players for you to play with and against.
  • When the system finds the battle, you will be sent to a special lobby, where you will be able to choose the turret and hull you want to use in that battle. You will also be able to see the equipment of your allies;
  • The battle will start as soon as every player has finished loading, and is ready.


This system will avoid imbalances in the number of players in each team and their strength. In addition, we will add penalties for players leaving the battle prematurely, depending on their previous battle participation records. This feature will encourage players to play their battles till the very end. You might have already noticed similar systems in other games.

“Now you might ask: “what if I get kicked out of the battle, or my internet or electricity go off and my PC is restarted?”

We’ve already thought about that, and in the upcoming updates, we’re planning on implementing a system that will allow you to reconnect to the battle without losing your progress.” – Vladimir Beletskiy

The implementation of the matchmaking system goes hand in hand with the implementation of the interface update, in which we will have a new screen for match searching, and a lobby. We’ll tell you more about how these screens will look, in an upcoming episode of our developer’s diary.

April Fool’s Day Celebration

For the eve of April Fool’s Day, we’ve prepared something special for you — an unusual version of the “Area-159” map will be available in the battle list.


“The unusual thing about this map will be a higher limit of maximum players. So this weekend, we’ll be experiencing real madness with 10 versus 10 battles on this tiny map. There’s going to be something more too, but we’ll keep that a secret.” – Roman Kungurtsev

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See you next time!

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