Developer’s Diary #26


Hello, tankers! In today’s episode, we’ll be telling you about Cosmonautics Day. We’ll also be telling you about our preparations for the release of Tanki X on Steam, and answering some of the most common questions about the matchmaking system. Let’s go!

Cosmonautics Day

If you’re watching this episode on April 13, you still have time to participate in our festivities dedicated to Cosmonautics Day, which is celebrated in Russia.

Throughout this event, you’ll find a new map in the battle list. It’s called… Moon Silence.


This map differs from the original Silence, because it has reduced gravity. The tanks handle differently on this map: longer jumps, destabilized aim, and more. Many of you will probably appreciate the unusual gameplay.

We’ll also have a new container available throughout the event. It is called “Cosmonautics Day”, and you will be able to buy it in your garage or earn it in battle.

Besides the “Let’s Go!”, and “Up!” graffiti, it will contain new paints called “Starry Sky” and “Vostok-1”, plus a set of new and rare skins for Dictator and Thunder called “Dreadnought”.


The event is scheduled to be removed on 14th of April, with the morning maintenance.

Steam release

Tanki X will be released on Steam on the 20th of April!

Very soon, Tanki X will be released on Steam!

In fact, you can already check out our game page on Steam, and add the game to your wish list.

“The Early Access status corresponds to the Open Beta status. Before we fully release the game, we will have to make a lot of gameplay improvements, and it is important for us to get feedback from experienced players, and from new players who will be joining our community through Steam.”

You will be able to play the game both with the normal client, and with the Steam client. There’s a link to the Tanki X Steam page, in the description.

Screen-shake effect and light-mapping.

In preparation for the game’s launch on the new platform, we’re rolling out several improvements to the game.

One of these updates is already out, and it includes two changes.

One of these updates will be released in the coming days, and it will include two changes.


“The first one is the screen-shake effect. With it, the turret’s recoil effect, hits, collisions, and tank explosions, will be represented as a screen shake.

The second one is lightmapping. Thanks to the implementation of simplified shadows, we’ve significantly improved the graphics on low spec computers.”

Matchmaking Q&A

In the last episode of Developer’s Diary, we announced the matchmaking system. Since the announcement, you’ve flooded us with questions, so today, our new game designer, Anastasia, will be answering them.

Q. After the update, will I be able to choose which battle I want to play?

“With the update, the battle list will be removed. The only way you will be able to join a battle, will be by pressing the “Play” button”


Q. How will battle selection work?

“The battles in this new system will be created, based on the level of your best equipment. For example, if you have a level 6 hull and a level 8 turret, your equipment level will be 8. Your friends might also affect the way the battle is created. And in the future, there will be even more parameters for battle creation.”

Q. How will equipment selection work?

“We are planning on adding a function called “presets”. Every player will be able to set several equipment combos for quick selection. Unfortunately, this function will not be in the first version of the matchmaking system. In the first version, you will have to select the combo you want to use, BEFORE hitting the “Play” button.”

Q. After the update, how will I be able to play with my friends?

“You will be able to join a battle from your friends list, just as before. Eventually, we’re planning on creating a party system, that will allow you to team up with your friends.”

Q. What if there won’t be enough players of our level to create a battle? Will we have to wait in a queue for a long time?

“If there won’t be enough players of your level, one of two things will happen. Either the matchmaking algorithm will increase its search range, or the battle will start partially full, but allow additional players to join on the go.”


Q. How will I be able to join a low-level battle?

“Simple – you will have to select equipment of a lower level.”

Q. How will you deal with inactive players in battles?

“After a certain time of inactivity, these players will be removed from the battle with a penalty that will not allow them to queue for matchmaking for a set amount of time.”

That’s it for today! Like our video and see you next time!

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