Developer’s Diary #27

Hello, tankers! Welcome to our 27th episode of Developer’s Diary. We have a lot of cool stuff to share with you today, so keep your eyes on the screen, cause it’s going to be fun.

Game economy

On April 24th, we released an update in which we significantly lowered the prices for upgrades, which makes it easier to keep up with your equipment’s mastery level. We also increased the reward for some of the daily quests.


A week on Steam

It’s been exactly a week since we’ve launched Tanki X on Steam. During this time we’ve managed to make it into the list of most popular new releases on the Steam store, and have received lots of positive and constructive feedback from our newly recruited tankers.

Since many of our new tankers are experiencing difficulties with tank controls, we’ve decided to implement a loading screen with tank control tips as a temporary measure, until we implement a fully developed training level for newbies.

“We’ve been preparing for the release on Steam for over two months, and we can honestly say that we’re satisfied with the results. The next step in expanding our audience will be the release of Tanki X on the Windows Store platform, but that will most probably happen this summer.”

By the way, in honor of our one week on the Steam platform, we’re running a special offer — until May 1st, you will get 25% more X-crystals with every purchase in our in-game store.


Game interface

Our work on the interface is far from finished.

This week, we’ve updated the interface for the main menu and garage. Here’s what it looks like. Here’s the proposed layout.

On the new interface, the “Play” button is the primary focus of the main menu, with the “Garage” and “Containers” buttons right next to it, and the news section on the right-hand side of the screen. Daily quests are on the left-hand side of the screen, and in an upcoming update, we’ll add a button notification so that players are notified whenever they have new quests.

In the garage, the current tank setup is displayed in the middle, with a menu to change the turret, hull, and module. With this layout, there’s no longer any need to go through several screens in order to change equipment — everything important is now on the same screen.


When choosing the equipment you can read its description and compare parameters. For a detailed look, there’s the characteristics screen. Here you will also see a 30 level mastery ladder, with your current mastery level displayed on a progress bar.

“Since there is no more over-upgrading in the game, the upgrading of equipment is very important for players who want to match their mastery level. New upgrades will now only be displayed when you level up your mastery.”

“We’re planning on adding more convenient functions.

For example, we will have paints sorting for a better browsing experience, as well as the ability to compare equipment characteristics. Our in-game store will also see some changes, and the same goes for the containers menu and the player’s profile”


Daily quests

Since daily quests have been released in Tanki X, many players have commented on their lack of variety.

“For now, we only have one daily quest scenario — destroying enemy tanks in battle. Obviously, that’s not enough, so we’ve started working on improving quests, and we’re planning a major update very soon.”

First, we’re going to add 6 new scenarios:

  • Win a certain number of team battles;
  • Play a certain number of battles. The placement is not important;
  • Earn a certain number of battle points in battle;
  • Catch a certain number of supplies in battle;
  • Deliver a certain number of flags;
  • Destroy a certain number of enemy tanks in any battle.

“The new quests where you have to destroy tanks, are different from the current ones. Right now, if the objective is to destroy 10 tanks in a battle, and you only manage to destroy 9 before the battle ends, you have to start over. The new system will allow you to destroy any number of tanks over multiple battles. You can even play 10 battles and destroy just one tank per battle.”

With this new system, we are giving up on weekly quests, and turning them into dailies. Quests with X-crystals and container rewards will remain in the game. They will appear randomly and will have to be completed on the same day.

Besides that, if you do not manage to complete your quests on the first day, you will be able to complete them the next day, and will be given a new set of quests right after that. In total, you will be able to complete up to 6 quests during a day, and with the significant increase in rewards, these will bring a tangible increase in earnings.

And one last major change. For middle and high ranks, we will add new quest scenarios that will require specific equipment to complete — for example, earn battle points or make a number of frags using a specific hull or turret.


“Some of you might say “That’s unfair! I might not have the required equipment”. But these missions will be quite simple and will offer really good rewards with X-Crystals and Containers, so we’re sure most players will be happy to try them out and experiment with new equipment that they’ve never tried before. In fact, that’s the main reason we want to introduce such scenarios, so that high-level players don’t get stuck on certain equipment, but try out new combos instead.”

Share your opinion about these upcoming changes in the comments section, and like the video. That’s all for today. We’ll be seeing you after the May holidays.

“By the way! In this episode, we’ve hidden 5 promo codes with a Steam container each. Good luck finding them!”

Attention! Promo codes are activated in-game. In order to activate one, you must go to your profile menu, click on the promo code button, enter the promo code and activate it. You will automatically be granted its content. 

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