Developer’s Diary #28

May Holidays

Hello, tankers! The May holidays in Tanki X have come to an end, and we keep receiving a lot of positive feedback on the offers we had during the celebration. So, before we move on to the latest news, let’s look at the numbers.

Here is what our tankers have achieved during the 9 days of celebration.

  • More than 17 thousand gold boxes were caught, with the top three hunters being Yeliantis, DoW , and T.O.M.E.K;

  • Almost 140 million Crystals were earned in battle;
  • A total of 127 thousand “Victory Day” containers were awarded to players in battles;
  • 18 tankers have managed to get all of the contents from the containers. Congratulations!

  • The record holder for the most containers obtained in battle is Tokarin, with a total of 86 containers earned!

In-game Store Interface

“At the end of April, we updated the main menu interface. Now it’s significantly better and much more clear, but a few things, like the font on the buttons and some notifications, have yet to be fixed.” – Mikhail Yarusov, Designer

In the near future, we’re also planning on updating the in-game store and containers menu interfaces. Their functionality will remain the same, but navigating them will become much easier. Additionally, with this update, the whole game interface will have a more consistent look.

X-crystals packages will finally look different from one another.

A new section —Deals— will become available. Its purpose will be to hold all items that are currently discounted or part of a special offer.

But the most important thing is that all of these sections will be on one screen only, which will make them easier and more convenient to navigate.
Tank customization

In upcoming updates, we’re planning on adding one more option to customize your tank – turret coating.

This week, we’re planning on adding one more option to customize your tank – turret coating.This coating will be applied on the turret, over the paint that is already being used.

Here are a few combinations. As you can see, this will give your tank an even more unique look. The first coatings will be available in the Coating container.

Next, we’re planning on implementing stickers. These should be released at the beginning of this Summer.

Other features in development…

Meanwhile, we’re also working on other updates that we’ve promised to implement.

“After we announced the matchmaking system, the next logical step was to check the feedback from our community. From this, we found out that besides a mode selection option, we should also give our tankers the possibility to have a say in the map selection. We’ve also started working on equipment presets, but we’ll tell you more about those at a later date.” – Anastasiya Rentsova, Game Designer

“Another interesting thing we have in development is “newbie training”. The number of newcomers keeps growing every day, and this training will allow them to learn basic game mechanics and practice their turret rotation.” – Vladimir Beletskiy, Product Manager Tanki X

For those of you who didn’t get all of the items from the “Victory Day” container, we’ve hidden a few promo codes in this episode. Good luck and see you next time!

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