Developer’s Diary #33

Hello, tankers! Welcome to episode number 33 of our developer’s diary. Today, we’ll be telling you about the “anti-flipping” mechanic, graphics settings, and the matchmaking system that is about to be released.


Some time ago, we organized an event in which we tested the “anti-flipping” mechanic that prevents tanks from flipping too often. Right now, the opinion of our players is divided. Some like the mechanic because they say that it makes the game easier to play. Others say that this mechanic restricts the tactical variety of the game because flipping over enemy tanks has become impossible.

Last week, we sent out a survey that should help us make a final decision. Depending on the results of the survey, we will decide to either keep the “anti-flipping” mechanic as it is, or remove it completely, or decide on a middle ground option.


Graphics settings

On July 13, we implemented new graphics settings that should benefit players with low spec computers. The new, lowest quality level of graphics is now called “Minimum”, while the minimum level before the update has been renamed “Low”.

We’ve also added a new option called “Half resolution”, which reduces the number of pixels displayed on the screen. Of course, the quality of the image will be lower, but still decent. However, the performance of the game will increase significantly.

These settings were implemented into the game for the benefit of those playing Tanki X on low spec computers or laptops with an integrated video adapter. By experimenting with the resolution, graphics level, and anti-aliasing, players can find a compromise between the image quality and fps.” – says Evgeniy Loginov, Artist at Tanki X

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Our work on the matchmaking system is almost done, and we’re planning on releasing this feature the in coming weeks. We’ve already told you a lot about matchmaking, but let’s have a quick recap.

Instead of the battle list, you will now have 6 options:

  • Quick game, which is a random game, in a random mode;
  • Capture the flag
  • Team Deathmatch
  • Deathmatch
  • Space battle
  • or Custom Game, where you can create a private battle using your own settings.


In the custom game menu, you will be able to set the following parameters:

  • Mode
  • Map
  • Battle time
  • Friendly fire on or off
  • Kill zones enabled or disabled
  • And Gravity level

“There’s one interesting point we haven’t told you about yet. There are currently three levels of gravity in the game: Earth, Mars, and Moon. There will be one additional gravity level in the custom games parameters menu, called… Super Earth. This level of gravity will basically nail your tank to the ground, which means you will not be able to drift or jump.” – says Anastasiya Rentsova, Game Designer at Tanki X


You will only be able to join a custom battle if you receive an invitation from the player who created that battle. However, if a friend of yours is playing in a custom battle, you will be able to join as a spectator.

“Remember, you will not be able to complete daily quests in custom battles, and you will not earn any type of experience or funds, which means that no gold boxes will drop.” – says Roman Kungurtsev, Marketing Specialist at Tanki X

In the rest of the battles, which are automatically created by the matchmaking system, everything is simpler. You press the button, the battle loads, and then it begins. While the battle is loading, you will be moved into a special pre-battle screen in which you will see the other players who are about to join the battle with you, and chat with them. You’ll also be able to browse the game’s menu. When the battle is ready to start, you and the other players will be taken to the arena.


“The first version of the matchmaking system will not include preset selection before the pre-battle screen. You will have to play with the tank combination that you chose before joining the game. Why? Because this version of the matchmaking system will balance players in battle depending on the level of their tank. That’s why for now this option will be disabled.

Eventually, we’ll allow players to switch presets before the battle, and even during the battle.” – says Anastasiya Rentsova, Game Designer at Tanki X

That’s it for today, guys! Don’t forget to like this video. See you next time!

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