Developer’s Diary #35

Developer’s Diary #35

Greetings, tankers! Welcome to another episode of our developer’s diary. Today, we’ll be telling you about the future of the matchmaking system. We’ll also be telling you about leagues in Tanki X, and the new modules that we’re planning on implementing in the game.


Following the release of the matchmaking system, our development team have encountered a number of issues. Some of these were expected, yet we deliberately took the risk. Other issues came up after the release, but our team is already working on fixing them.

“We’ve managed to fix the issues that were triggering the unexpected error upon entering a match, as well as the constant kicks from battles. We’ve also balanced the distribution of players in each team and added the “Deserter” status for players who leave battles prematurely. To show our gratitude to our community for testing this mechanic, we had doubled experience points and battle funds for most of last week.” – says Vladimir Beletskiy, Product Manager @ Tanki X 

Developer's Diary


We’re planning on implementing leagues and ratings at the beginning of Autumn. These will influence the way players will be matched in battle. There will be five different leagues – Training, Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Master league.

“The distribution of players in leagues will be influenced by the reputation points they earn in team battles. The most prestigious one – the Master league – will include the 50 players with the highest reputation in the game. It will be a sort of Mount Olympus for Tanki X players.” – says Andrey Pushvintev, Analyst @ Tanki X  

Each player will start in the Training league with 100 reputation points. Over time, the player’s reputation meter will increase or decrease depending on whether the player has been winning or losing battles.

For their achievements in rating battles, players will be rewarded with special containers for every milestone they hit.

Additionally, players will be rewarded every month, after the end of the rating season. Each league will have its own rewards. In the Master league, however, every player will receive different rewards, depending on that player’s placement on the rating ladder. The higher the rank, the cooler the reward will be.

Developer's Diary

“With the release of this update, we’re expecting battles to take a more competitive turn. Being ahead of everybody will not only be a matter of honor, but also profit. At the end of each season, the best players will receive generous rewards, as well as unique items that players will not be able to obtain any other way.” – says Anastasiya Rentsova, Game Designer @ Tanki X   

Battle ending screen (already implemented)

In an upcoming update, we’ll be changing the results screen that shows up at the end of battles. The new screen will display your placing in the battle, and the number of crystals and experience points earned. Players will also be able to check the progress of their daily quests. The new “Play again” button, will throw you back into the matchmaking system and will start looking for another battle in the same game mode for you to join.

New modules

We’ve already mentioned the upcoming new modules several times in our official live streams. Today, we’ll be presenting two new modules that we’re planning on implementing in September.

“Force field” is a module that generates a shield that absorbs all incoming damage.

It will create a cover for you and your teammates. The shield will dissolve after a certain period of time, or after it has absorbed a certain amount of damage.

The other module is called “Emergency protection”. It will grant you a passive ability that will allow you to survive in a tough situation. The module will activate when your tank’s health drops to zero. When that happens, your tank will become invulnerable for a few seconds. Additionally, for the duration of the effect, your tank will regenerate some of its hitpoints.

“These are only a few of the new modules that we’re planning on implementing in the game. We have many more interesting ideas. Of course, as soon as the new modules are implemented, the old ones will be balanced accordingly.” – says Vladimir Beletskiy, Product Manager @ Tanki X 

That’s all for this episode. Subscribe to our official Youtube channel to catch the latest news on the matchmaking system, leagues, and new modules.

See you next time!

Attention tankers! We are going to organize one or two contests in which you will be able to win T-shirts with the Tanki meetup logo. Stay tuned for more info. 

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