Developer’s Diary #38

Hello, tankers!

We’re finally back to work on our developer’s diary. In today’s episode, we’ll be telling you about the initial results of the Arms Race. We’ll also be telling you about an upcoming update, and announcing a contest for YouTubers.

On the 26th of September, we released the long-awaited major update called “The Arms Race”. With it, we changed the upgrading system and the game economy. We also added 12 new modules with unique mechanics, as well as ranked battles and much more.


“For us, developers, the release of the Arms Race update was a huge event. We’ve been preparing for this update for a long time, and we’re glad that the beginning of a new Tanki X OBT year was marked by this update. What follows next will be even cooler!”

A week after the update, we sent out a survey to all of our players to get their feedback on the Arms Race.

The results of the survey are already published on our forum. Click here!

We’re pleased that there has been so much positive feedback, and every single one of your opinions has been truly helpful. Every time we need to make an important decision, we’re trying to take into account the opinion of the majority of players. So, thank you all for taking the time to complete the survey.

Developer's Diary 1

Master league

We would like to remind you that with the release of the Arms Race update, we’ve also launched our trial ranked season, titled… Season Zero. The season will only last a month and will end on October 25th. We won’t be resetting player ratings before the start of the next season. However, we WILL be lowering them a bit. Every season will be like a new stage, in which players have to prove their worth and skill over and over again.

“By the way, the players who will have made it to the top50 in the Master league by the end of the season, will not only receive a better reward, but also a special graffiti! Additionally, the player who ends the season in the top place will get a message of congratulations in the next episode of our developer’s diary.”

Every reward that you earn during the ranked season, will remain in your garage forever. The best players in every season can expect a special reward. So, take up the challenge, and become the best of the best.


After the release of the Arms Race update, we took the time to go through all of the feedback related to the game’s interface. The majority of our players have complained that the short tutorial wasn’t enough to help them understand how the new modules and blueprints work. Therefore, we will continue to improve the interface:

In an update that we’ve released this week, we’ve added a special tab in our store, called “Blueprints”…

This tab will make it a lot easier to find your containers with blueprints and buy more in case you need them.

The “Hacker’s Blueprints” container, holds the most common tier one and two blueprints. Occasionally, it might also drop tier three blueprints.

The Smuggler’s Blueprints container holds mostly tier three blueprints.


Playing with friends

Some of the updates that we’re planning on releasing this month are focused on the friends system.

Very soon, we’ll be adding a context menu that will be accessible both during a battle and after. This menu will allow you to add a player to your friends list, report players, and even block a player’s text messages.

We’ll also be updating the friends list! The list will be displayed as a tab in the match-searching lobby, and more importantly, it will no longer slow down the game client as it does now.

Our team has also started working on the general chat. Besides the general channel, there will also be specific channels such as the squad channel, group channel, and private messages.

And of course, there’s also an update that practically every tanker is looking forward to… Squads. This is the name of the feature that will allow tankers to invite friends into a group so that they can join battles together.

The development of the Squads feature is dependant on other changes related to the friends system, which is why we’re going to update the friend’s list and release the context menu first. The release of the Squads feature will be one of the final updates in this series.

Tank destruction – improved animation

You’ve been asking us for a more realistic tank destruction. Well, we’re about to make you happy!In a future update, we’ll be improving the tank destruction animation so that the explosion doesn’t just send the turret flying, but also rain scraps of metal and debris. Tell us what you think of the improved animation in the comments below.

At first, the update will only be released for standard skins. Eventually, we’ll also roll it out for the rest of the skins.


YouTuber’s contest

You might have noticed that over the past two months, a lot of popular YouTubers have released Tanki X reviews.

“We’re confident that you can do that too! If you already have a YouTube channel, or you’re thinking of creating one, our advice for you is to start with a Tanki X review. This can be your winning ticket to glory!”

Every entry that follows the terms and conditions of the contest, will be rewarded. However, only the BEST of the contest entries, will get the chance to partner with us, and receive bonuses on a regular basis.

More details are available on our forum. Click here!

That’s it for today. Like our video and subscribe to our channel. See you on the battlefield!

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