Developer’s Diary #39

Greetings, tankers! Welcome to another episode of our developer’s diary. Today, we’ll be summing up our first competitive season. We’ll also be telling you about the progress in the development of Squads, and announcing this year’s Halloween festivities. Let’s go!

Season Zero

Yesterday, October 25th, was the last day of our trial competitive season called, Season Zero. Every participant has received well-deserved rewards such as graffiti, crystals, and containers with blueprints. The top 50 ranked players of the season, were rewarded according to their placing. Additionally, all of them have received a unique Season Zero graffiti.

Developer's Diary

“Our entire development team would like to congratulate every participant for this important victory! This is a historic moment for Tanki X, so, the first winner of this first season —Nikolka008— who’s managed to farm an impressive number of reputation points, will receive a Tanki X mug and t-shirt, as gifts” – Vladimir Beletskiy – Product Manager at Tanki X

The new season begins today. Get ready for an even more exciting competition, with bigger rewards.

For this new season, the overall rating of every player has been lowered. For example, players who finished the last season in the master league, have been returned to the gold league. This will give everybody a better chance to reach the master league.

Good luck on the battlefield, tankers!


Changes affecting the new season and more

We’ve made a few changes that we think will improve how reputation points are allocated in the new season.

In the last season, there were cases in which some players were forced to join the losing team in a battle that was almost finished. And since there was nothing they could do to change the situation, they were losing points. We don’t want this to happen again, so from this season, players who find themselves in these situations will no longer lose reputation points and teleport charges.

We’ve also made a few changes to the game’s interface. The results window will now display the number of reputation points a player has earned or lost.

“Finally, players can check the number of available blueprints they have, to upgrade a module. They will also be able to check how many blueprints they’ve earned, and how many they’ve spent on every upgrade of every module. In future updates, those players who have upgraded their modules to maximum, will have all of their excess blueprints converted to crystals” – Sergey Loshkarev, UX/UI Designer at Tanki X



We continue working on the Squads feature, which will allow tankers to easily play with their friends.

Tankers will be able to invite up to 4 players from their friends list, to their squad. Only players who are not in a battle, can be invited. Players will also be able to request an invite to a squad that is still being formed, by clicking on the player in their friends list.

Only the leader of the squad can invite or kick players, or look for a match. Of course, the leader can also pass on this role to another player. Players who join a battle as a squad, will all be marked with the same color in the pre-battle lobby. Players who leave the battle prematurely will automatically be removed from the squad.

This update is scheduled to be released next month.


And now, the most exciting part of this episode – Halloween celebrations. The festivities start tomorrow and will go on until November 1st.

You can expect a boost in experience points and battle funds, which will be increasing every day.


We’ll have a pumpkin graffiti and special Halloween ammunition for sale, as well as a new paint, which will be given as a gift for buying 750 X-crystals or more.

You’ll also be able to participate in contests to win more prizes. And don’t forget to share screenshots of tanks in Halloween costumes — it can be your tank or even someone you’ve met in battle. Check out our forum and social media tomorrow for more info about all of the Halloween contests we’ve prepared for you.



And one more thing… for this Halloween, we’ve replaced the model of the mine, with a big and really cool Halloween spider model. If you suffer from arachnophobia, too bad because the spider looks both amazing and scary. Have fun!

By the way, make sure you join our Halloween stream on November 1st. Don’t miss it!

Happy Halloween, tankers, and see you soon!

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