Developer’s Diary #41

lick Greetings, tankers! In today’s episode, we’ll be telling you about squads and the new daily bonuses. We’ll also be announcing the Black Friday sale and the results of the YouTube contest.

Flash news!

But first, we have some hot news from the Tanki X world. Last week, we’ve witnessed the rise of the machines. The tank bots escaped from the training levels and sneaked into levels with higher ranking battles. While our developers were busy keeping the situation under control, our brave tankers came to our aid and destroyed the bots. However, for testing purposes, we might see bots in battles of various ranking again in the future.



This week, our development team decided to surprise us by releasing the first redesigned maps. The two most popular maps in the game have only been slightly affected. On Sandbox, an additional cover has been added, to mirror the barn on the other side of the map. Area-159 has become slightly more open as a result of a few covers being removed.


More significant changes have been made to the Rio map. The flag on the “Frontier” side of the map has been moved from the elevated platform to the ground, making it more difficult to capture. Additionally, the map has become more symmetrical and a few additional covers and passages have been added.

This is only the first step towards balancing all of our maps. The developers are planning to later fix the design of the objects in the changed maps, and then go on to enhance the other maps and release a new one called Repin.


Let’s move to our main topics.

The development of squads has affected many other features of the game. We’ve finished our work on the friends list, improved the battle interface, and added new matchmaking parameters.


The long-awaited Squads feature is already being prepared for release!

You can only form a squad with players that are on your friends list. The maximum allowed number of players in a squad is 4 (four).

“One of the perks of playing in a squad is that the members of the squad can share teleport charges with each other upon entering a ranked battle. Helping and supporting your comrades is the first step to improving your team play.” – Vladimir Beletskiy, Product Manager at Tanki X

Let’s say, for example, that you’ve formed a squad of four and you want to start looking for a battle, but one of your squad members doesn’t have enough teleport charges. In this case, the rest of the squad will see a special window popping out with the option to donate teleport charges to their teammate. You can then start the battle when everyone is set up and ready.


To make your experience more comfortable when searching for a team, we’ll soon be releasing the General Chat and the Squads Chat.

We’re also planning on adding private messages and other tabs in the future.

We know that training with your team is more effective using a voice chat, hence, we invite you to join our Discord server. Click here to join!

Daily Bonuses!

Very soon, we’ll be adding daily bonuses.

What this means is that you will be able to scan the surrounding area on a daily basis and extract valuable container shards and crystals with the help of a special teleportation device.


The more items you find, the better your device will become with time. The scanning range of your device will increase allowing you to extract more valuable rewards. Based on our calculations, you will be able to collect enough shards to assemble an XT container, during the first month. The container can drop one of the best skins currently in-game.

“The device can be used 31 times, after that, it has to be replaced. Even if you don’t login for a period of time, the progress of the mission will be saved and you can continue from the same spot.” – Max Pushkarev, Programmer at Tanki X

By the way, with the release of the daily bonuses feature, we’re going to witness the first ever in-game appearance of a character from the Tanki X world. He is the scientist who invented the teleportation device you will be using.


Developer's Diary girl

Very soon, a second character will be making its appearance. It is going to be a cute robot girl, that will be training our recruits, making everything more understandable and interactive.

YouTube Contest

Our grand YouTube contest is now over. More than 50 participants have submitted a total of 236 new videos about Tanki X. We would like to thank all our active tankers.


Our judges already picked three videos that are the best among all the submitted entries.

The winners will receive branded souvenirs, X-crystals, and containers, as well as the opportunity to regularly run contests sponsored by the administration of the game.

Additionally, every participant that submitted at least one entry that meets the terms of participation, will be rewarded. The links to their channels are in a topic on our forum. 


Black Friday

Holidays are back in Tanki X! Today, at midnight, we’ll be starting the Black Friday sale.

For exactly 24 hours, all our X-crystals packages will be available at half the price. Additionally, every black paint and ammunition currently in-game, will be available for sale. Usually, these items can only be obtained from containers or the weekly sale.

This is a rare chance to add a few more items to your collection, at an advantageous price.


That’s it for today! Subscribe to our channel, like our videos and don’t forget to tell your friends about the Black Friday in Tanki X.

Good luck!