Developer’s Diary #42

Greetings, tankers! Today, we’ll be telling you about the recent and future updates. We’ll also be telling you a bit about the contests that we are planning to run during the winter holidays. Let’s go!


Last week, we released one of the long-awaited features, Squads. The development of this feature lasted about 2 months and it has affected many other features of the game such as matchmaking and interface. In order to fix issues that can’t be tested in an offline environment, the development team released the feature a bit earlier than planned.

Developer's Diary #42

This has surfaced a number of bugs related to the functionality of this feature and issues with the balance of squads in battles. We will continue to work on fixing them.

We also had a few technical difficulties during last weekend. For a couple of hours, our players couldn’t connect to the game servers.

“The main issues are now fixed. Those who were unable to play Tanki X during last weekend, can make up for those hours during the upcoming weekend. On December 9th and 10th, we will be increasing the rates for experience points earned in battles! Additionally, we would like to thank players that are reporting issues and bugs on our Echo support site. This allows us to resolve any problem with the game, in record time” – Vladimir Beletskiy, Product Manager at Tanki X

Battle Interface


Floating text in battles

New elements were added to the battle interface last week.

These new elements represent text feedback of your actions, such as points for healing allies, points for delivering and returning the flag, as well as points for killing enemies and assisting a kill in a battle.

Please share your opinion about the updates we released last month in the regular survey that we create and send to our players at the end of every month. The link is in the description.


CTF Indicators

Almost a week ago, we added indicators for the location of each flag base as well as flag location when the flag is being carried. It should now be much easier for the new comers to find their way around in this mode, especially if they’re unfamiliar with our maps.


Tank Destruction Physics

We’ve made progress on the destruction physics of more skins as well. The First line of skins, just like the standard one, now has a cool destruction animation. If you set your graphics settings to medium or higher and you equip a skin from the 0 (Zero) or I (One) skin line, upon being destroyed, your tank will scatter into pieces, in a very cool way.


Daily Bonuses

We added a teleportation effect to the daily bonuses submenu.

Additionally, when teleporting a container, or getting the last needed container shard, the “Claim the reward” button will transform into the “Claim the container” button. Pressing the button will automatically take you to the container section of the store, where you can open the container. Upon exiting the game, you will now be notified about the rewards that will be available for teleportation the next day.


New Modules Menu

The work on improving the interface of the game is going according to our plan. Next, is the modules menu.

“Our plan is to simplify the process of installing modules on turrets and hulls. In order to install a module, you will need to either drag and drop it in the slot or double click the module.

But that’s not all. Upon hovering over the upgrade button with the mouse cursor, you will see how much the upgrade will improve the characteristics of your turret or hull, as well as the module itself. Clicking on the question mark will show detailed information about the module.

You will be able to equip the module on any of your presets, in the same menu” – Sergey Loshkarev, UI/UX Designer at Tanki X

Oh, and by the way, we are designing 3D models for the modules. They will look similar to the current blueprints that drop from containers.




Coming up, in December, our development team will continue working on improving the matchmaking system, the ranking system, and the interface. They will also be getting ready for a very important release this month. The next episode of our developer’s diary will be released closer to New Year’s Eve. During this period of time, we’re planning on running two live stream events. If you don’t want to miss any of them, always check our website for news and follow us on our social media pages.



Christmas and the New Years are drawing close! The first round of contests is scheduled to already start next week. We highly recommend you to participate! Why? We’re running a huge X-crystals holiday raffle, just like last year. Participating in this contest will not only increase the fund of this raffle but will also earn you special points. The higher the number of points, the higher the chance of getting awesome prizes in the holiday raffle. Winners will be announced on January 9th.

We will have a lot of contests of many tastes. We will tell you more about them in the announcement next week.

That’s it for today, guys! Subscribe to our channel and like our video.

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