Developer’s Diary #43

Greetings, tankers! You’re about to watch the last episode in 2017, of our developer’s diary. Today, we’ll be telling you about the winter holidays update and we’ll be concluding the outgoing year. So, grab some popcorn, because the episode promises to be pretty long but interesting.


We kicked off this episode with the trailer for the new map called “Repin” which was released 3 days ago. This is truly a huge project for us which took a lot of effort as we were trying to release it on Christmas day and surprise you.

The release of the map has also launched a special event called “Battle for the Tank Carrier”.

The battle for the tank carrier is on and only you can influence its outcome. Equip one of the two graffitis, Antaeus or Frontier, and represent your favorite faction on the “Repin” map, in ranking play until January 9th.

The faction with the most tanks destroyed will win, and in an update next month, we will customize the map with the symbols of the winning faction. Additionally, we will fix some of the animations and lighting on the map.

When the battle is over and the tension drops, the winning faction will help sponsor a special 5-day event. From January 2nd to January 6th, 2018, both the funds and experience gained in battles will be increased by 50%.

Fire at will!

Winter Holidays Season

The second ranked season ended last Monday. The next season is a bit more special and it is called Winter holidays season. The third season will follow afterward.

The Winter holidays season is going to last 2 weeks, from December 25th, 2017, to January 9th, 2018. During this period of time, the drop rate of gold boxes in quick play will be increased, which means more teleport charges.



This will allow players to play more ranked battles, hence getting a better chance at climbing higher up the ranking ladder and earning more winter holiday containers. The higher the placing, the higher the reward! 

Additionally, every player to have played at least one ranked battle during this season will receive a graffiti with Santa Claus as a present.

The “Winter Holiday 2018” containers can be bought in our in-game store. You can also earn a few by participating in contests on our forum and social media pages. A few codes with containers are hidden in this episode.

The container contains the following items:

  • Two new paints. One is called “Orion” and it glows in the dark. The other is called “Antarctica” and has a cool relief;
  • Three new graffitis that symbolize the upcoming new year: “Bull Terrier”, “Bulldog”, and “Doberman”’
  • “Frozen” ammunition for Twins and Ricochet;
  • Very rare skins called “Frost” for Wasp and Freeze

If you’re a new player and didn’t have the chance to acquire the special ammunition and skins last winter, this is your chance!



But we’re not done with the surprises. The first animated paint in Tanki X history will be offered as a gift upon buying the fourth, fifth, or the sixth X-crystal package in our in-game store. Tanki Online players must be familiar with this type of paint. It changes color every other few seconds.

The most profitable move, if you want the paint, is to buy X-crystal packages during our promotions, when the amount of X-crystals for each package is doubled. Stay tuned to our website and social media, so you don’t miss any announcement about the upcoming promotions.

A couple of animated paints will be given away during the “Contest Avalanche” final raffle, which will be streamed live on January 10th. Participating in our contests will earn you additional entries to the raffle. More info in the description.

We are running a 50% discount on nickname change, during the entire celebration. This is an opportunity, to get rid of those numbers in your nickname that you entered by accident. Or maybe you simply got bored with it. 


This week, we’ve released another update that introduced premium accounts.

What will it give?

  • +50% bonus experience for leveling up your rank and weaponry.
  • +50% bonus progress points in ranked battle, which will earn you containers and blueprints faster.
  • 200 free teleport charges per day instead of 50
  • A fourth daily quest for X-crystals
  • And the option to replace two quests of your choice per day for free.

In the spirit of the Christmas holidays, every player that is rank 7 or higher, will get 3 days of premium. It will activate with the release oaf the update.

Once the 3 days of premium expires, it can be renewed with a discount, within a 24 hour period.

Players without a premium status can also replace one daily quest per day.


The “Horizon” squad

Now, here’s an update for new players.

After playing a couple dozen battles, new players will have the option to try their skills on one of three very cool tanks.

At one point, these machines belonged to the legendary squad called “Horizon”. Both their story and their portraits were added to the game.

Three presets, “Offensive”, “Support”, and “Demolishing”, will be available to each tanker. Each of these presets contains a turret, hull, a number of modules, a skin, and a paint.

Players will be able to play 2 battles on each preset over the course of a week. After that, the entire preset configuration can be bought with a discount.


Concluding the year

So, I guess it’s time we conclude 2017. Let’s take a look at some statistics.

During the past 12 months, we released 235 updates, including a major one. The “Arms Race”… this update has changed the economy and the upgrade system. The new modules have helped widen the variety of battle tactics and made the game more dynamic and exciting.

Four maps were released this year: Area-159, Moon Silence, Ares, and Repin. Each of them has its own unique atmosphere and every map was better than the one released before it.


“Repin” is a unique fighting arena and is exactly how we see the future of Tanki X in terms of maps.

161 new items were released over the past 12 months, the majority being packed into 27 different containers.

We got a number of cool new effects which improved the animation of tank destruction, and interface effects that alert us when our tank is on low hp.

Finally, we got features such as squads and general chat, which allow us to play with friends.

Let’s take a look at the current standing of our weapons and equipment. Among turrets, Thunder is leading the list and Shaft closing it. Hunter is the leader among hulls, unlike Dictator, that is the most unpopular.

Repair kit and Backhit defense are the two modules that were picked the most during the past year. The least equipped module is the Ice trap, and we will definitely have to do something about it next year.

Developer's DIary

We have a lot of plans for 2018. Our first priority is now to fix the matchmaking system, which includes having equal players distributed in teams, and them joining the battle at the same time. It is important to understand that fixing this system will take a couple of months minimum. Additionally, we are planning on balancing the rest of the maps, like we did with Rio and improving the game interface. What will come after that? We’ll tell you next year. 

Dear friends! We’ve been through a lot this year, but I really hope that you are satisfied with our work. I hope the upcoming year will bring you positive emotions, lots of smiles, interesting moments both in real life and in-game, and new achievements. Don’t worry, be happy! 

Happy holidays, tankers, and see you next year!

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