Developer’s Diary #45

Greetings tankers! First of all, we would like to wish you a happy Valentine’s Day, and a lot of luck with your romantic ventures. Try to show appreciation for your loved one, more than one  day a year, and you will surely get the same back.

Celebrations in February

The Valentine’s Day celebration in Tanki X started this morning and is scheduled to be removed on February 17th. There are a number of contests waiting for you on our Social media pages, as well as special offers in-game.

During these three days of celebration, players will earn twice the amount of experience in battles. This will help you get that new rank, equipment upgrade, and containers with blueprints, much faster.

For only 1000 Crystals, you can acquire a unique graffiti called “Devil’s Heart”. An excellent illustration that represents the nature of love.

Developer's Diary

Upon buying X-crystals using any available payment method, you will get two bonuses! First, you will get double the amount of X-crystals you paid for. Secondly, you will get a special paint called “Arrows of Love” as a gift.

Attention! This special offer will start only on February 15th. If you’re planning on using special prepaid vending machines, you will need to pay the exact cost of the smallest X-crystals package. Don’t forget to take the commission into account.

Of course, Valentine’s Day is not the only celebration this month. Between February 23rd and 25th, Tanki X will be celebrating Warrior’s Glory Day. You can expect discounts on X-crystals, daily quests that will reward containers, and a couple of other surprises. Don’t miss out!



We’ve finally updated the battle interface.

It has become futuristic and now fits into the setting of our game. This is only the first version of the interface, but we’re working on a second version which will be more familiar to experienced Tanki X players. You will be able to switch between the two versions of the interface during battle.

The first version of the interface was developed for new players that are used to interfaces in shooter games. It is supposed to help them get familiar with the game faster. However, during testing, we realized that it is quite uncomfortable for experienced tankers because they are used to focusing on both the position of their tank and the battlefield. Because of that, we decided to develop a second version, so-called “Focus mode”.

Interface version1

Interface version 2

Battle missions

We’ve added new battle missions for newbies. They can be completed during battle and get rewarded instantly.

For example, you decide to start playing with Firebird for the first time. One of the battle missions will be to deal 500 fire damage to enemy tanks, for which you will be rewarded bonus experience to upgrade the turret.

In Capture the Flag mode you will have missions such as pick up the enemy flag or return the allied flag to its base, for which you will earn rank experience and crystals.

There are currently missions only for part of the weaponry. You can check the list on our forum. If there’s a turret you haven’t played at all since you registered your account, you can try the new missions and earn a couple of bonuses.


The Hydra season

Last week, we extended the current ranked season because of game mode changes that we are planning to release soon. What should you expect on February 16th?

With the upcoming ranked season, we decided to give up on splitting the battles into quick and ranked play. Only one play mode will remain – the ranked play. All the team based battles will now be focused on earning reputation.

Later, we plan on adding the “Deathmatch” mode as well as space battles, to ranked play. We really want to bring these game modes to their former glory, because we believe each of them is interesting in their own way.

Additionally, with the unification of the play modes, we will remove charges and teleports. The whole earning and spending teleport charges mechanic has proven to be quite complicated for most of the players. This is why ranked play will become free.


Good news for the gold box hunters is that the old gold boxes are back and they will reward Crystals, just like in the old days. More crystals means faster upgrades, so don’t forget to catch gold boxes, record epic videos while doing that, and share them with us.

The upcoming ranked season is called “Turbo season” among developers because the reputation earning speed will significantly increase. Players in the Training and Bronze league will earn reputation at a 100% increased rate, players in the Silver league – at a 50% increased rate, and those in the gold league – at 33% increased rate.

Ranked battles require a lot of focus and can be emotionally draining. Statistics show that a lot of players are spending too much time in the Bronze league. This increase in rates will help speed up the transition between leagues and will help players earn better rewards and enjoy victories more often.

The symbol of the upcoming season will be the hydra, and the graffiti will resemble the one from the “Hydra squad” special pack. The new season will be longer than the previous ones, as it is scheduled to end on March 22nd. The reasoning behind this is that we need more time to gather statistics on the new game modes. We will also increase the season rewards.


Be ready for new festivities and updates next month. We will tell you more about that in our next episode of Developer’s Diary on March 8th.

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