Discount on X-crystals and rare paints!

Between the 10th and the 12th of June, the entirety of Russia will be celebrating the Day of adoption of the declaration of independence of RSFSR, and Tanki X will join this celebration with a couple of special offers.

30% discount on any X-crystals packs available in our in-game store!

discount x-cryustals

On the newly released map called “Arabian nights”, the best way to stand out in the crowd is by equipping your tank with one of our glowing paints. Guess what, we will have all 4 of them on sale for 3 days. Eash of them is available for the price of 499 X-crystals.

  • Spark
  • Orion
  • Radiation
  • Andromeda

The sale is scheduled to start on June 10th and end on June 12th, 20:59 UTC.

Happy celebration, guys!

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