Game Rules Update

Hello, tankers!

Please be aware that we’re made some changes to our current set of Game Rules. These changes were made in order to prevent players from taking advantage of game mechanics, game code, or game economy vulnerabilities (2.1.6), unsportsmanlike behavior, including account-boosting, sabotage, and match fixing (2.1.5.), and also a non-disclosure agreement rule (4.1).

Click here to get familiar with the new set of game rules.

The new set of rules has officially been published, which means that from this point on, account-boosting, power-leveling of your own account or the account of another player, and match fixing, the outcome of which is predetermined in advance by the collusion of both sides, is prohibited.

We want a fair game experience for every player, and to see them climb up the ladders based on their skills. Unfortunately, blocking accounts for match-fixing is unpleasant but it’s a necessary measure in order to maintain a healthy and friendly in-game atmosphere.

In case you notice players violating the game rules, please record a video and send it to our customer support, or report it on our forum.

We’re relying on your understanding!

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