Game Update – OBT

Tanki X has reached a new milestone in the project’s history and we want to congratulate everybody with the start of the Open Beta Testing!

Today we officially open our garage doors to everyone, our brand new website is now up and running, and very soon we are going to present you with a new Tanki X cinematic trailer!

Hurrah tankers!

The Closed Beta Testing has officially ended. 

The Closed Beta Quest count has stopped at 11… 11 million tanks destroyed!

Each one of you has proudly accepted the developer’s challenge and you’ve managed to reach 7 milestones and with it 7 different rewards! Cool wallpapers, a unique paint, shell and skin for the “Hornet” hull, which will be awarded exclusively to the Closed Beta Quest participants. The in-game avatars and the remake of a Tanki Online map, will be bonus content, developed as a gift to the entire Tanki X community. Unfortunately the 8th milestone was left out of reach, but don’t worry, we’ve introduced a series of skins with the last update, we are sure you will find one perfectly suited for your hull!

We’ve already sent 100 units of each supply to our CBW participants, the wallpapers will be send into their email address during the next couple of days.

Stay tuned to find out more about the development status for the rest of the rewards.

Thanks everybody who participated in the Closed Beta Testing!

Closed Beta Quest - Google Chrome_4.jpg

A new map – Iran

A middle eastern atmosphere with sand storms and splendid architecture. A crazy arena with a unique gameplay.



New in-game currency – X Crystals

The X crystals have become a real boon for the tank industry in Tanki X. The red rare stones can now be acquired and spent on different items. Many items in the garage are available for purchase for both normal and/or X crystals.

The normal blue crystals can still be farmed in the normal battles, whether it is battle fund or gold boxes. In addition you can now synthesize the red crystals into blue. One red crystal turns into 10 blue crystals.

15.09.2016 — ! - - Tanki X - Google Chrome_2.jpg


100 ranks have been finally named! We want to remind you that the ranks are split into 4 categories, each of them differentiated by a corresponding metal plate/insignia, showing how experienced of a player you are. A full list of the ranks is available in our Knowledge base.


New skins, paints and shells

Players have now access not only the first two tiers of standard skins, but also the new ones, steel, golden and the XT skins. Players can acquire the new skins at any time, regardless of their rank.

15.09.2016 — ! - - Tanki X - Google Chrome_4.jpg

15.09.2016 — ! - - Tanki X - Google Chrome_3.jpg

A much more detailed list of changes is available on our forum, in the Game Updates sub-forum.