Game Update – Weaponry Balance

game update

In today’s game update, we’ve made a few balance changes to some of the weaponry. We will try to have this information updated on our wiki as soon as possible.

“Thunder” turret

  • We’re reduced its impact from 1.6-.3.4 to 1.0-2.1, depending on the upgrade level.
  • We’ve fixed a bug that affected the display of the “Splash Impact” in the garage.

“Shaft” turret 

  • We’ve increased the damage it inflicts to different hit zones of a hull:
    • front: 50% → 100%
    • rear: 65% → 130%
    • turret: 100% → 200%
  • We’ve changed the damage of the turret, depending on its upgrade level:
    • at 0 upgrades level: from 240-700 to 140-400;
    • at 30 upgrade level: from 700-2100 to 400-1200;
  • We’ve decreased the reload time of the turret:
    • at 0 upgrades level: from 3.5 to 3.2;
    • at 30 upgrade level: from 2.5 to 2.3;

Developer’s Comment: 

With the introduction of the new mechanic that split the hull into two different hit zones, Shaft, unlike other turrets, didn’t really benefit off of that, and its effectiveness has decreased more than we were expecting. We want to bring that turret back into the main lines while making skill a very important factor: the player that accurately shoots and enemy turrets and inflicts double damage will have a tangible advantage on the battlefield. In addition, we’ve made the damage indicators transparent — the damage Shaft inflicts to the front and the rear of a hull, is now the same as for other tanks, but hitting a turret of a tank, will deal double damage. 

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