Get ready for a fantastic April!

Greetings, tankers!

It’s been a long time since we announced anything game related. Well, it’s time we change that. Here are a couple of things that were recently approved and already went into production some time ago, as well as others that were already done and will be released soon.

We are planning to release an addition to the game interface this week. We have finally finished the interface for the player’s profile menu. Additionally, we will be implementing the gift functionality. Players will be able to buy x-crystals for other players directly from their profile. More information about the payment methods available for this functionality will be provided with the release of the update.

The second update will add a few changes to the warm-up phase. After a couple of tests and a lot of positive feedback from our testers, we decided to change the color pallet during warm-up. The phase will run in the “sepia” color style. This change was decided to be made for originality purposes,  as well as to avoid confusion between the warm-up phase and the actual battle. Additionally, as per your feedback, the cooldown timers of modules will be reset after the warm-up.


The new and reworked weekly sale will be starting this week. These are now much compact and feature cooler items than before. Don’t miss out!

Between the 6th and the 8th of April, because we were unable to celebrate April Fool’s Day, we will be celebrating the Banana Day, a bit earlier, but still a worthy celebration. We were planning this celebration for a long time and decided to add a unique thing – the Banana league! This league will be represented by players with the lowest number of reputation points. One of the upsides of being in this league will be that players will have a chance to double their reputation points earned in battles upon winning! More info on that will be provided later this week. Oh, and there’s going to be new items.


And now, something we are very excited about. At the end of the current season, along with a few changes to the ranked play rules, players will be able to pick a side by choosing a faction! Oh Yeah!

Upon entering the game, players will be presented with a short lore of the two battling factions – Frontier and Antaeus. After the short presentation, players will be asked to pick one of the two factions. Picking a faction will be a permanent choice and representatives of each of the factions will have a different game experience. The faction you will represent will also decide which side of the map you will be fighting on, will affect the battle reward (containers will slightly differ), the flags in the CTF mode will be branded with their respective logos.

Players of each faction will now influence the history of the Tanki X world. New maps, equipment, skins, paints, and more will be related to the faction that you represent (in most of the cases, a separate version for each faction will be released). If you ever decide to switch factions, you will be able to do that only on a newly created account.

A ranked ladder will be available on our website, where players will be able to check the current standing of the two factions.


A lot of work is being put into having these released in April. We really hope you like what you see, but if you don’t, please don’t rage out, but instead share your feedback in a calm way.

Obviously, half of the news above are part of our April Fool’s joke! But, don’t be sad, half of them aren’t! 🙂 

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