Good morning, tankers!

In today’s update we’ve introduced Graffiti. And because we wanted to surprise you, we’ve added not one but 19 of them!

However, the only one available for free right now is the Tanki X logo graffiti. The rest of them you will have to earn, by upgrading your hull and turret to level 10. All 19 of them are available in the garage, go check them out.

Tanki X Developer's Diary #14 - YouTube - Google Chrome_9

How to use the graffiti:

  • Select and equip the desired graffiti from your garage;
  • When in battle, go close to a wall or any static object on the map and press T to paint your graffiti.

Things to remember:

  • You can not have more than one graffiti on the map. If you paint a second one, the previous one will disappear. Also, at the end of each battle, the graffiti is deleted;
  • You can not paint graffiti on tanks.

Hope you like our surprise. Upgrade your equipment, pick your graffiti, take some cool screenshots and share them with us on the forum.

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