Halloween 2017!

Greetings, tankers!

The All Hallow’s Eve is a festivity that is celebrated not only in our world but in the Tanki X world as well. It’s hard to believe that they’ve had these traditions around for some time, but once you see the big spider mine, any doubt disappears. Don’t even want to imagine having a few of them on my tail!!

Let’s see, what can we expect from this year’s Halloween.

Last year’s artwork :D

Celebration dates:

October 27th – November 1st, 2017 (it will end with the morning maintenance)

Increased Rates

Starting today, and until October 31st the rates for battle points and experience will increase every day.

  •  ?October 27th — 113%
  • ?October 28th — 140%
  • ?October 29th — 160%
  • ?October 30th — 180%
  • ?October 31st — 200%

Festive Items

The atmosphere of the celebration will be boosted by the new items that you can acquire in our garage for symbolical amounts of crystals and X-crystals.

  • ?Halloween “Spider” graffiti for 666 crystals
  • ?Halloween Twins ammunition for 213 X-crystals
  • ? Halloween Railgun ammunition for 213 X-crystals


Special Offers

Upon buying the 750 X-crystals package or a higher one (except the first two) players will receive an awesome and rare paint called “Halloween 2017“, as a gift.



Contests and Giveaways

Here are the contests and giveaway that will be available during Halloween, that will reward Halloween prizes.

  • Treat or Screen – in this contest, in quick play,  you will have to look for a tank with the nickname Halloween, he usually shares promo-codes, and take a screenshot of it (the full terms of participation and other details will be shared later today).
  • Developer’s Diary giveaway on our social media pages.
  • Modules in Action – a new contest that we’re going to tell you all about later today.
  • Vulcan Overkill – we will add a few Halloween prizes to the winners of that contest, so better get back to Vulcan, for a day or two.
  • Other random giveaways, that we’re going to perform on our social media pages.


Halloween Stream

On November 1st, we’re going to have a celebration Stream. As always, we’re going to share promo-codes, and will also offer players the chance to fight for Halloween goodies in custom battles, against the members of the staff. Don’t miss out!

Oh, and one more thing, during the celebration, you will be chased by real spiders. Cute, isn’t it? NO! 


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