Happy New Year!

Dear tankers!

The Alternativa Games team congratulates you on the upcoming 2019 year!


Let the next year bring you many joyful moments every day, satisfaction from reality and virtuality, a lot of new comrades and true friends! Hold on to the people who are ready to support you, and do not refuse to help them as well. Take care of yourself and your friends, and become good wizards for your family at least for one night, and better for the whole year! ;)

As always, we look to the next year with optimism. After the New Year holidays in Tanki X will come avatars (finally!) and we will work on a further development plan. What we know for sure that in February and March we are waiting for a lot of interesting holidays!

We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, tankers!


And a small gift as compensation¬†for today’s maintenance: 69FD-5A31-2CF4

It was necessary for the server to work stably during the holidays.

We go on vacation until January 9, but you always can write to our support team: help@tankix.com

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