International Women’s Day

Greetings, tankers!

We would like to wish all our female tankers a happy International Women’s Day. We strongly recommend all our boys to do the same. :)


The International women’s day celebration has already begun. It will last for 4 days and is scheduled to be removed on March 12, 5:00 AM UTC. Let’s take a look at how will we be celebrating this event.

  • Double battle points, which means more blueprints!
  • Double X-crystals on any package you buy in our in-game store!
  • 8th of March” containers that can be earned in battle!

The container contains:

  • Rare skins called “Bumblebee-83” for Isida and Wasp
  • Celebrational graffiti called “Crystal” and “Cat in a Tank
  • Ammunition for Twins called “Purple” and “Turquoise
  • The “Swash” paint
  • Gold skins for Isida and Wasp

You will have a chance at getting this container in every battle, but only if you earn at least 100 battle points and play the battle to the very end. If you’re feeling unlucky, then you can buy it in our store for X-crystals.

If you’re feeling artistic, you can participate in our Woman’s Day contest. We will also run a couple of Giveaways on our social media pages. Stay tuned!

Happy celebration, tankers!

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