Game Update – 12.09.2016

On the 1st of September, we’ve conducted the last account wipe in Tanki X . The progress, rank, crystals and upgrades on all of the accounts were wiped.

We’ve introduced the payment system. You can now acquire crystals, and everything you earn or buy in-game, will stay through the OBT and the release of the game.

Other changes:

  • We have added a new anti-cheat script, and our team continues working on investigating hackers and detecting holes in our system, thus improving our anti-cheat systems every day.
  • On the equipment upgrade screen, players can now see the items they will receive upon upgrading their equipment;
  • We’ve added a second tier of skins for the “Railgun” turret and the “Titan”, “Mammoth” and “Hornet” hulls;
  • Players can now see the loading process on the loading screen;
  • Players can now see only battle of their level, in the battle list, and one battle from a lower level.
  • We’ve added and anti caps filter to the in-game chat;

A much more detailed list of changes is available on our forum, in the Game Updates sub-forum.