New Map “Area-159”

Hello, tankers!

A new map called “Area-159” has been implemented.

Year 2101. The “Frontier” forces would’ve never found out about this underground complex, code-named “Area-159”, if not for the data they’ve accidentally intercepted during the battle for West Prime. It is a secret “Antaeus” laboratory that was designed to test the newly developed and advanced Tanki X technology. Every new model has to go through this check and calibration.

But “Antaeus” did a mistake, by leaving unprotected the facility designed to test the field dispersion. The “Frontier” engineers have hacked into the system and re-calibrated the teleportation devices, thus bringing their forces into the enemy’s base, in an attempt to get hold of the rest of the secret technologies. The laboratory has now turned into a battlefield.”

You are welcome to come play the game on the new map with us.


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