Update – New Map

A new map called “Ares” has been added to the game. 

The “Ares” base was built on Mars in 2012 by the orders of the head of the Frontier Corporation, right after the Antaeus has managed to take over “Moon Silence”.

Thanks to modern technologies, the gravity within the base area now corresponds to the one on Earth. The map will be available with its own Martian gravity, only under the Space Battle mode, when this feature will be released.

A new container called “Mars” is available in our in-game store for an entire week, at the price of 125 X-crystals. It will be removed on July 3rd.

It contains:

  • Unique skins called “Dreadnought”, for Wasp and Firebird;
  • A new paint and coating called “Radiation”;
  • New graffiti called “War of the Worlds” and “Alien”;
  • Gold skins for Firebird and Wasp.

Update - New Map and Dreadnought Skins

Additionally, other skins from the “Dreadnought” series are temporarily available for sale at the price of 850 X-crystals. These are the “Dreadnought” skins for Thunder and Dictator, which were available exclusively during the celebrations for Cosmonautics Day.

The Mars container and the “Dreadnought” skins for Thunder and Dictator, will be removed from the store on July 3rd, with the morning update. The exact time will be announced a day or two before the end of the sale.

Other Changes

  • We’ve corrected the kill-zones on the Iran map;
  • We’ve changed the respawn spots on the Rio map.

Bug Fixes

  • We’ve fixed the “Back” button that was malfunctioning in the garage.
  • We’ve fixed the bug in which Railgun wasn’t always dealing damage. We are taking into account the possibility that no all the causes of the error have been eliminated, therefore, please report in the comments if the error reoccurs.

For any game related issues, please refer to our support site: http://echo.tankix.com/ ⚠  

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