Battle for the Tank Carrier!

“Battle for the Tank Carrier” – In-game Event!

This is your chance to influence history!

Today, we release the long-awaited new Tanki X map called “Repin”. Watch the video below to learn more about the map.

Frontier’s attack on the Antaeus’ tank carrier will last for a few days and will most probably conclude on December 31. After that, we will check every ranked battle played on this map and will decide the winner.

In order to participate in this battle, you must:

  • Pick a side – buy and equip one of the two graffiti, each representing a faction: Antaeus and Frontier respectively. It’s time to represent!!
  • Battle your opponent until December 31st, 2017, in ranked battles on the new map called the “Repin”.
  • The main deciding indicator will be the number of destroyed tanks. The faction with the most tanks destroyed will win.


The new map will forever remain in the game. But, depending on the results of this event the following things will happen.

  • In an update in January, we will customize the map with the symbols of the winning faction.
  • This will be a historic moment and the lore of the game will be rewritten.
  • Additionally, this battle will help sponsor a special 5 days event, from January 2nd to 6th, 2018, in which both the funds and experience gained in battles will be increased by 50%.