Open Testing: September 19-23rd!

We’re happy to invite you to participate to an open testing session on our testing server Andromeda2!

Please, report any bugs or exploits that you find on the test servers, on this topic, share your opinions and suggestions.

  • Every open testing participant will receive 3 days of premium time bonus on their main account, next week.
    (you will need to play on the testing server from your main account)
  • Activate the promo code TankiX_Test, on the testing servers, which will grant you every module, crystals, and X-crystals, as well as 500 gold boxes.
  • We also added bots for every league so that you don’t need to wait too much for a game.

The instructions on how to connect to the testing servers are available on our FORUM.

Battle time, warm-up, and joining during a match. 

  • The standard battle time has been reduced to 7 minutes;
  • The warm-up time for the Bronze and Silver league will now be 30 seconds. For Gold and Master league, the warm-up time will be 45 seconds.
  • Players will only be able to join ongoing matches only during the first 3.5 minutes of the match.

Developer’s comment: 
The tendency of current games and the development of our game is showing that many players like playing matches under 10 minutes, and 7 minutes we believe is the optimal number. But we need to see how it is going to work on masses of players and whether we need to do additional changes or not.


  • We optimized the memory usage after the end of the battle.
    We would like to ask players that had troubles with the game client after a couple of matches, to pay special attention to this open test. If the game still crashes, please create a topic on https://echo.tankix.com/ , attach your game logs to that topic along with a short description, and share the link to the echo topic in this topic.

Weapons and Modules

  • The gyroscope on the Vulcan was disabled.
  • Freeze and Firebird can now shoot through the remains of destroyed tanks.
  • Upon pressing “Emergency protection” the tank will enter a cryogenic state in which it will move very slow until part of his health points will regenerate. Thanks to that, the tank will no longer self-destruct upon using this module.
  • The radar will now see allied tanks as well.
  • We fixed a bug in which Shaft would hit through obstacles if its barrel was in the obstacle.
  • We fixed a bug with the Railgun, in which the pre-shoot charging animation was not seen by other players after its barrel moved out of an obstacle/object.


  • The artwork on the loading screen now adapts to different resolutions.
  • The priced in Crystals got change due to the increase exchange rates of X-crystals into Crystals.

Good luck!

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