Season Of The Phoenix!

The 8th ranked season has ended today. A new chapter and a new season open before us – The Season Of The Phoenix!

The start of the new season means that the changes that we presented to you yesterday, have already made their way to the live servers. If you don’t know what I am talking about, please visit this TOPIC , it is very important. Everything you need to know about the changes to the ranked system is there.

Because some of the changes that were made can be observed and analyzed only after some time in the season, other changes might be introduced during the current season, once we’ve assessed the current changes, or at the end of the next one.


Every player who has played at least one battle last season, have already received their well-deserved rewards. As per usual, at the end of every season we reduce the reputation points for the majority of players so that in the new season, everybody can have a decently fair chance at getting at the top of the reputation ladder.

Here are the principles that we followed when reduced player’s reputation points at the end of this season:

  • Players with end the season with less than 500 reputation points don’t lose any;
  • Players with reputation higher than 3500 points, got their reputation points reduced down to 3500 reputation points;
  • The rest of the players, that are within the 301-3449 reputation range, got their reputation points reduced by 40%.
The Season Of The Phoenix will last until the 6th of October.
Here’s how the rewards will be distributed:
We will add the nickname of the master of last season, in this topic later today.
Have a nice season and good luck!

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