Season of the Wolf!

The 10th ranked season, that went by the name Season of the Ghost, has ended this morning. The 11th ranked called Seasib if the Wolf has already taken over the matchmaking. All the participants have already received their earned rewards which also include the glowing graffiti.

The Season of the Wolf will run until the 25th of December.


Every player, to have played at least one ranked battle last season, got corresponding rewards and already received them onto his account.

The tanker under the nickname “Guardianll” has become the player with the highest number of reputation points last season. He will be awarded the legendary “Hero” paint. Congratulations!

As per every end of a season, the rating of all players was downgraded as follows:

  • Players with less than 500 reputation points at end of the season did not lose any of their reputation points.
  • Players with more than 4501 reputation points had their points reduced back down to the minimum mark of 4501 reputation points.
  • The rest of the players (with more than 501 and less than 4449 reputation points) lost around 30% of their reputation points at the end of the season.



We also made a couple of changes to the distribution and the earning of reputation points:

  • The number of reputation points that a player from the Silver and the Master league loses upon battle defeat, has been reduced.
  • The penalty for deserting a battle in every league, except the Bronze league, has been increased by 1.5 times.
  • The reward in Crystals for battles in the Silver and the Bronze league have been increased.

 Other Changes

  • A number of tweaks were performed on the matchmaking system which should now match players more evenly, depending on the sum amount of reputation points each team has.
  • Players can now assign mouse buttons (except the Left Mouse Click, Right Mouse Click, and the Mouse Wheel) to activate module abilities.
  • For optimization purposes, the number of trees on the Massacre map was reduced;
  • We fixed a bug in which the Force Field in DM was displayed in blue for both the player that activated the module and his enemies.
  • We fixed a bug that was preventing players from created custom battles on the Ares map.

Cheers and have a wonderful new season!

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