Spring Holidays and Update!

Greetings, tankers!

Get ready for a 3 days celebration in Tanki X!

What’s the occasion? Well, we have the rescheduled April Fool’s Day, Orthodox Easter, and the arrival of Spring.

Spring Holidays and Update!

Rumors are that there is a new evil in these lands. The once friendly Bananaguards, are being mind controlled by an evil mastermind, they can appear in battles of any level and rating/league. They will shoot tanks on sight. For them, nothing matters and no life is important more than their beloved bananas and their mind-controlling Banana Lord.

Paint shops have already copied the new paint and are offering it to tankers that volunteer to join the fight against the invaders. Wearing their paint will make it much easier for you to infiltrate them and land an unexpected attack.

Join the defense against the Bananaguard invasion, you really don’t want to miss on this fun!

How do I get the “Bananas” paint?

  • You can win it in one of our contests
  • You will receive it as a gift upon buying any X-crystals package between the 3rd and the 6th package! This is also advantageous because of our special offer.

Double X-crystals

During the celebration, you will receive twice the amount of X-crystals you paid for. If you’re planning to use a prepaid vending machine to add X-crystals to your account, make sure to buy X-crystals worth of 3 x-crystals packages or more, and don’t forget to take the taxes into account.

What will happen in-game?

  • The Bananaguard invasion. The Bananaguards are equipped with the new paint. They can join any game, in any league.
  • Double experience in ranked battles.
The celebration will run between 5:00 UTC, April 6th and 5:00 UTC, April 9th.
Stay tuned to our forum for contest announcements!


First, we would like to let you know that the Tanki X EULA has been slightly modified. You can read the updated version upon entering the game or on our website.

Changes and bug fixes:

  • Players can now use the general chat only after reaching the 5th rank.
  • We fixed a bug in which players that would have their tanks inactive at the end of the warm-up phase, would not get their module cooldowns reset.
  • We fixed the prices for 3x and 10x XT containers in our in-game store. These are currently on sale. The normal price for the Hornet XT was also fixed.

Enjoy the weekend!

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