Spring Holidays in Tanki X!

Tankers, today the game has a festive update!

Containers as a reward for the battle, new avatars, ammunition and paints, additional bonuses for premium accounts and many other nice things.

Spring holidays

This holiday connects the International Women’s Day and the Anniversary of the release of Tanki X (March 13).

From March 6 to 07:00 UTC March 14 you can get as a reward for the battle container called “8 March 2019”, which contains:

  • new epic ammunition “Shine” for the turret “Isida”;
  • new rare ammunition “Emerald” for the turret “Isida”;
  • new paints — epic glowing “Lemon caramel”, rare “Lollipop” and “Candy»;
  • epic skins “Bumblebee 83” for “Isida” and ” Wasp”;
  • new female avatars connect with the game lore:
    • Emma Bonney — Frontier’s intelligence operator.
    • Teresa Amsel — Frontier’s lead ecologist.
    • Darina Liekhtonien — Specialist in information security of the Frontier corporation.
    • Maureen Lowrie — Lead chemist of the Antaeus corporation.
    • Vera Klein — Engineer of power energy fields in the Antaeus corporation.
    • Michelle Reisner — Developer of guidance systems in the Antaeus corporation.
    • Irma the Massacre — Mercenary, developer and tester of assault subprogrammes for tanks “X” (epic);
    • Mary Newell — Robot-assistant, training of new recruits to operate the battle machines (epic).

At the end of every battle, players will have a chance to earn the “Warrior’s Glory Day 2019” container if they meet the following terms:

  • The player has earned a minimum of 100 battle points.
  • The player has played the battle to the end and waited for the final scoreboard.

Only after you’ve followed the above terms, you will have a chance of receiving a container, but it does not guarantee it. If by the end of the battle you don’t have the required minimum amount of battle points, your chances to receive a container will be equal to 0 (zero).

How else can I get items: container “8 March 2019”  is also available for purchase in the store for 125 X-crystals. If you drop an item that is already in your garage, you will receive 6,250 blue crystals as compensation.

New items were added to the Store:

  • Shells for “Shaft” PC MkIB “Antaeus” and PC MkIR “Frontier” at the price of 499 X-crystals;
  • Paints “Lollipop” and “Candy” at the price of 249 X-crystals;
  • 6 new rare avatars (except epic “Irma the Massacre” and “Mary Newel”) are also available for purchase in the avatar changer window at the price of 23,000 crystals.

pPkr7jl.png uVDoWFI.png

Game changes

1. The number of available presets for purchase has been increased to 20, the price of presets is now 50 X-crystals for 1st preset, 95 X-crystals for 2-4 presets, and then increases by 5 X-crystals for each next preset.

2. We added additional bonuses for premium account. Now when you purchase a premium subscription you will receive:

  • bonus to turret/hull experience +50%
  • bonus to chest and rank points +50%
  • bonus crystals per day +500
  • the teleport recharge rate х3 — premium makes more powerful teleport A. Kuznetsov, which allows you to pick up crystals and items daily from remote points, with him recharging will occur every 6 hours instead of 20 hours;
  • free battle codes — you can open custom battles for free and shouldn’t spend 1000 crystals;
  • a special avatar frame — premium avatar holders have a glowing frame in the lobby and friends list;
  • a special graffiti animation in battles — in addition to installation on the wall graffiti will be shown on your tank.

3. Tanks have dirt under the tracks again on high graphic settings.

4. The “Report” button from the game leads to the correct site echo.tankix.com

5. We increased the glowing power of hulls lights and aligned glowing paints.

6. The optimization was a bit improved.

7. There are some changes in the weapon balance:

Promotions and sales

Holiday bonuses for battle series have been doubled and the count was increased to 8!

  • 1 battle +10% battle points
  • 2 battle +20% battle points
  • 3 battle +30% battle points
  • 4 battle +40% battle points
  • 5 battle +50% battle points
  • 6 battle +60% battle points
  • 7 battle +75% battle points
  • 8 battle +100% battle points

Temporarily in the store you can buy epic graffiti “Crystal” and “Cat in the tank” at the 199 X-crystals.

DsJLShW.png wgWsnLn.png

All promotions are valid until 07:00 UTC March 14.

Happy holidays!

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